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Legacy of Discord Mod APK 2.7.6

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Join a guild and begin to engage in epic real-time action in Co-Op and PvP battles. Choose your character and customize them with various options to rule the battleground. This is – Legacy of Discord for Android devices.


Assume the role of one of many different Greek Gods. Likewise, harness their powers to destroy anything that happens to oppose you or your comrades. Epic Guild Wars, boss battles, and player vs player skirmishes are just waiting to be experienced.

Go ahead and download the game now.

Legacy of Discord Features

There are many different features to revel in. check out all the benefits included in the Legacy of Discords game that make it better than other games of the same genre. After all, there’s a reason behind its over 1million downloads.

Amazing Graphics – Stunning 3D graphics will leave anyone mesmerized and immersed in every battle. The character models are detailed and complimented with amazingly fluid animations. In addition, the character art is drawn in an extraordinary style. Everything about the game just looks beautiful.


Addicting Gameplay – Stay in the zone with the constant flow of action. Every battle is in real-time, meaning you’ll need to constantly think on your toes. Going head to head in PvP battles never felt so blood rushing.

Online Co-Op and PvP – As stated, you’ll be thrown into battle against other players in epic brawl. On another note, you can take on big baddies in boss encounters with your friends. Take it a step further by joining a Guild. Get into an all-out Guild War against other players to claim your spot as the strongest warriors.

Tons of Customization Options – Throw a couple of items and equipment onto your character in order to personalize your combat and fighting strategy. Unlock legendary items to transform in battle and overwhelm your enemies. Also, take on a pet of your own to assist with various tasks on the field.


Optimized for Mobile Devices – The user interface has been fully integrated to fit mobile devices. Meaning, the controls and options have been specifically built to compensate to users of the small screen. Everything feels comfortable and easy to access, making Legacy of Discord even more immersive.

Without these unique features, this would just be another game. But it isn’t, and that’s why you should download Legacy of Discord for Android.

Legacy of Discord APK

What else can you ask for? Ignoring any reason to pay real money and getting straight to the action is what anyone would want to do with a game like this. So, go ahead and download the Legacy of Discord Furious Wings APK for Android now.

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