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LBRY Desktop 0.51.1 / 0.52.0 RC 3 (MIT License)

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Publish online content and monetize it with the help of this modern desktop app that allows you to use LBRY - a blockchain-based, decentralized content sharing and publishing platform

What's new in LBRY Desktop 0.52.0 RC 3:

Added: Added direct replying to notifications community pr! (#6935) Added "Replay" option on autoplay countdown (#6921) Added "Loop" option on Lists (#6921)

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LBRY is a blockchain-based platform/protocol where users can find a wide range of digital content such as videos, music, ebooks, articles, images, and so forth.

In short, it’s a content sharing and publishing platform/digital marketplace that is completely decentralized and community-driven (all the content is owned by the users of the network).

Users can monetize their published material with the platforms built-in payment system based on the LBC token – short for LBRY Credits. Users can access the platform directly from their browsers, or they can use the official LBRY Desktop app.

Stylish, browser-like GUI

The app itself is quite welcoming to new users, with a very modern-looking and user-friendly GUI. The desktop utility allows you to manage and discover the platform’s digital content using 5 main sections: Home, Following, Your Tags, All Content, and Library.

Of course, content can also be manually discovered by using the top search bar where users can either the LBRY-specific URL or directly the names of videos, music, games, and so forth. In this respect, the app pretty much emulates the functionality of a browser.

Straightforward and efficient features

On the upper-right side of the main window, users can use the three menus to create new channels, publish content, as well as view the downloads, affiliated channels, publishes, rewards, and invites.

The application also has a Dark mode for those situations where users will want to use it in poorly-lit environments for extended periods of time. The Settings section allows users to change the GUI language, to sync your account with the app (via email), to change the default download directory, as well as fiddle about with various network, data, and content settings.

Become the owner of your published content with LBRY

To conclude, LBRY Desktop does a good job of allowing users to make the most of what the LBRY platform has to offer, both in terms of content and in terms of features.

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