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LastPass for Chrome (Freemium)

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Handy and efficient extension that brings everything that LastPass has to offer directly within your computer's Google Chrome browser

If you are fed up with forgetting your account passwords, then you might already know everything there is to know, or at least you may have heard, about LastPass, one of the best, if not the best, web-based password manager for the masses.

Even though it comes with modern, cross-platform clients for both desktop and mobile OSes out there (Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as iOS, Android and Windows Phone), the simplest way to access your LastPass Vault is directly from your web browser.

As fortune would have it, LastPass is also available in the form of extensions for some of the most popular browsers out there, namely Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon and Internet Explorer.

LastPass' bespoke extension for Chrome

We will now focus more on LastPass for Chrome, which, as its name clearly states, provides you with all the benefits and features of LastPass, directly within Chrome's main window.

Regarding the installation process from the app's Google Web Store page, there's really not much we can say; if you have ever installed extensions for Chrome, then it's business as usual.

You can access all LastPass features from the extension's popup window. The extension boasts a fairly compact yet comprehensive and very well-designed user interface, at least when comparing with those of other extensions.

Brings everything LastPass has to offer right within Chrome browser's UI

Without a doubt, you are bound to find working with LastPass for Chrome a hassle-free procedure. As expected, all your passwords and login credentials area neatly store in an encrypted Vault, locked with a master password.

As mentioned before, there are no functionality compromises. You can store and thoroughly manage your passwords, add credit card and shopping profiles, attach documents and other types of content (even multimedia), take advantage of the useful form fills and secure notes, as well as generate extremely strong password with no more than few mouse clicks.

One of the best password management solutions, smoothly integrated with Chrome

Before we conclude, we should point out that some sections of this extension are actually displayed via a web-based interface, for example, the Preferences section.

To conclude, if you are currently a LastPass user and Google Chrome is your preferred web browser, then it makes total sense to at least give the LastPass for Chrome extension a chance.

It might come with a slightly more compact interface than the official clients and might be a bit slower, but without a doubt, it provides you with the quickest way to securely log into any website and access and manage all your credentials.

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