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Lamp Unto My Feet 1.6 (Freeware)

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This application will help you better memorize Bible verses and content, through a series of features, such as flashcards and games

Learning the ways of the Bible can go beyond the classic approach, especially considering the advancements in the digital realm. Multiple apps exist nowadays, which address the Bible study process, and one such app is Lamp Unto My Feet. Equipped with a series of features for visualizing and learning verses, adding or editing content, this app even features games that are intended at offering enhanced Bible content learning.

Customizable interface, which carries a layout that features simple, quick-access options

The application features an interface that manages to aid in providing a proper atmosphere for interacting with the Bible content. To that end, several skins can be toggled, in order to achieve the preferred looks.

All of the available features are provided through a large set of buttons, which are both easily accessible and clear, making the entire interaction process an efficient one. However, having selected a preferred feature, accessing the other ones can only be done by returning to the initial, home screen, which contains all. This could be a minor disadvantage.

Use the different tools for exploring Bible content, creating your own projects, or, play the books game

The application features a wide selection of tools, which will allow you to approach the Bible study process from two directions: either by browsing, exploration or by solving puzzles riddles, which help determine if you know your Bible stuff.

Furthermore, a dedicated game, which addresses the Bible books, complete with a timer, hints, and scoring, completes the package and ensures both fun, as well as a comprehensive learning experience.

Alternative Bible learning software, which has its emphasis revolving around different methods for exploring the books and verses

If you’re looking for a different way to explore and learn the Bible content, this application can provide the required tools for achieving an alternative exploratory process.

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