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KORG PA Manager 4.1 Build 3223 23.10.2021 (Demo)

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A simple and easy to understand application that can help you neatly organize the music sets you have, be it styles, performances, sounds or pads

What's new in KORG PA Manager 4.1 Build 3223 23.10.2021:

Sample Manager - Search where this Drum Sample is being used option added Sample Manager - Multisample Export Format option added SAVE Dialog - Last save path is now being remembered Local Sound detection fix

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KORG PA Manager is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software created to help you thoroughly organize your collection of music sets, including PRF, PAD, CFG and STY files.

Clean and practical appearance

Following the brief and uneventful installation, you can get started with the application, since the level of prior experience that it required is fairly insignificant.

The main window displays the four components that you can work with, namely ‘Style Manager’, ‘Performance Manager’, ‘Pad Manager’ and ‘Sound Manager’.

Organize and structure your KORG PA files

KORG PA Manager’s tools are meant to assist you in keeping your KORG PA music sets in a tidy package, so you can easily work with the one you need, whenever you want.

The ‘Style Manager’ prompts you to select the ‘SET’ folder that you store the items in, after which it will load them individually, letting you select the corresponding users. In a similar fashion, the ‘PAD Manager’ requires you to choose the ‘SET’ directory and remap the users for the PAD as well as select the target keyboard from a drop-down menu.

Using the ‘Performance Manager’ component, you can load the PRF files that you posses by choosing the banks, then remap the Up and Low sounds, including the volume and pan levels. The ‘Sound Manager’ helps you add the PCG sets, the process functioning much like in the case of the other components.

A handy tool for sorting through KORG PA files

To sum it up, KORG PA Manager is a useful and reliable program designed to offer you the means of sorting through your performance, pad, sound and style files, remapping them to match the original and keeping them in neat structures.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION14-day trial period Saving is disabled Nag screen SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSIntel or AMD processor 1GB Ram or more Active Internet Connection for Activation Monitor with at least 1280x768 resolution Audio Interface / Sound Card

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