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Koodo Reader 1.3.3 (AGPL)

2 years ago 73

A fresh and stylish ebook reader that allows you to customize all aspects of your collection and make the entire reading experience more immersive

What's new in Koodo Reader 1.3.3:

New: Increasing parsing speed for large txt, mobi and azw3 file Now txt, mobi, azw3 books are displayed in chapter Add option to open books but not added to the library

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While some prefer the old fashion way of reading books, others enjoy the idea of being able to carry thousands of books with them wherever they go. In addition to capacity, ebook readers also come with numerous other advantages, such as setting bookmarks, increasing the font and making your reading experience overall more immersing.

Koodo Reader is a lightweight, yet powerful free tool that provides a smooth way to carry and handle your ebook collection.

Comes with an organizer so you can quickly find any ebook

Following a smooth setup, you are welcome with a modern and fresh interface that is unlikely to give you trouble. As you probably hinted, you can get started by importing your collection, be it books, work-related documents and entertainment, if you prefer magazines or comics, for instance.

The tool allows you to display your library as a card, list or cover and packs several features for organizing your collection. Therefore, you can sort your collection based on various criteria such as recently added, add time, book name or reading progress, for instance. Moreover, you can create a backup for the library with just one click.

Comes with numerous options to customize reading

You will be happy to learn that you can easily customize all aspects of your reading once you open an ebook. For starters, you have three viewing modes, so you can pick one that is suitable for you and does not make you tired. In addition, you can alter the background and text color, change style, increase or decrease the font size and alter the letter spacing.

It is worth mentioning that the tool also features a text-to-speech option. Although it currently supports one voice, you can increase the speed according to your needs and preferences.

A reliable tool for organizing and enjoying your ebook collection

Packing dozens of features, Koodo Reader is a simple and straightforward tool that can help you make the most out of your ebook collection.

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