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Keystroke Visualizer 1.9 (Freeware)

2 years ago 83

This application can show keystrokes on your screen on top of all the other open windows and it can be very useful for presentations

What's new in Keystroke Visualizer 1.9:

Increased sensitivity Added editable “Display Duration”

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Creating a professional-looking presentation means more than just displaying informative slides or videos.

Keystroke Visualizer can help you up your game by constantly showing your audience which keys you are currently pressing, so you can also show them shortcuts or hotkeys they could use as well.

Minimalist GUI

The application's main menu sits quietly in the system tray, while the actual window where you can view the pressed keys can be placed wherever you choose on your screen.

It sits on top of all your open windows, meaning it is always visible without any additional effort on your side - when it detects that your keyboard is idle, it automatically hides from your screen, so it does not interfere with your presentation.

The drawbacks

Since Keystroke Visualizer is obviously a work in progress, it makes sense for it to have some downsides as well. For instance, you cannot resize its main window or the dimensions of the letters in any way.

Similarly, you cannot customize the colors or the font used to show the pressed letters, nor can you temporarily disable the tool without closing it altogether.

Also, it could come in handy if Keystroke Visualizer only displayed the keys you press within certain applications that could be added in a whitelist of sorts. This way, you could make sure that it works during your presentation, without it being active while you browse the web or send an email, for example.


To sum things up, Keystroke Visualizer has great potential, yet it still need some work until it becomes the full-fledged tool that can help you turn your presentation into a resounding success.

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