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Keyman Developer 14.0.282 / 15.0.136 Alpha (MIT License)

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An advanced tool that enables you to re-map your keyboard by creating several configurations in any language you wish, then install it to the system

Keyman Developer is a reliable keyboard re-mapping software that enables you to create virtual keyboards in any language you wish. You can easily assign custom symbols to each physical key, then view it rendered on the screen. You can compile your projects for the Keyman desktop application or for the Web typing service.

Project configuration from beginning to the end

Keyman Developer allows you to create a virtual keyboard, meaning to re-map the signals sent from the physical keyboard, each time you press a specific button. For instance, in the English alphabet, pressing the ‘A’ key results in rendering the symbol ‘a’ in a typing field, on your desktop. You can re-configure these signals by creating a custom keyboard layout, featuring Unicode or Legacy Code Page sets.

The software can guide you through the creation of your virtual keyboard, starting with a project and ending with the compilation of your own keyboard layout. Thus, you may name the project, in the main tab, set the characters mode and optionally, copyright messages. Next, you need to set the primary and other supported languages. You can select from the Windows provided languages or browse the Internet for ethnologue speeches.

Map each key and create the virtual keyboard

The ‘Layout’ tab allows you to select the graphic signal sent by each key on your physical keyboard. You can choose the font type for the preview, then click on each individual key in the figure and assign a specific symbol from the collection displayed in the box on the right. The box contains both the graphic representations of the letters, characters and symbols, as well as the Unicode values. Additionally, you may add separate functions to the Ctrl/Alt keys corresponding to the right and the left hands.

Using the virtual keyboard offline or online

The software allows you to compile the project and create a keyboard layout that you can save as a file on your computer. Alternatively, you may directly install it to the Keyman Desktop application or upload it to the software’s website, to be used with its online typing service. Moreover, you can create an on-screen version of your keyboard, as well as a taskbar icon, for better identification.

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