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Keeper Desktop 16.2.6 (Trial)

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Protect several passwords and files from your computer by turning to this application that features advanced encryption support and also backup capabilities

If your job requires you to handle large amounts of sensitive data, such as documents, passwords and login names, you probably considered using a tool that enables you to access them from the same location while also protecting them.

Keeper Desktop is one of the applications that can help you achieve satisfactory results in the situation depicted above.

User-friendly interface

This application comes with a stylish layout that features clear-cut controls, making it easy for numerous users to operate its functions without considerable efforts.

However, caution is advised when using this application since forgetting the primary password can render the content stored in the vault unusable.

Organize and protect passwords and other data

You can turn to Keeper Desktop if you are looking for an efficient manner to store and secure passwords and other files from your computer.

The main window enables you to create folders where you can store your content by just typing a name into the designated fields. After you create the directory, it is possible to populate it with records by directly inputting the data you want to protect.

You can set titles for your records, define login names, passwords or login URLs, add files or images and also type a brief description if needed.

Backup, restore, export and import records

Additionally, you can further increase your security level by performing backup copies of sensitive data. Doing so is possible by clicking the Backup button on the main window and choosing the corresponding option. You can either save your data to a local drive or a cloud server. Restoring it can be done just as easily, you just need to specify the source.

More so, it is possible that you can export your records to PDF, text or Excel files on your computer. However, the resulting files are no longer encrypted. Alternatively, you can import records from text files.

Reliable password and file protection solution

All in all, Keeper Desktop proves to be a trustworthy ally by providing you with several file and password protection functions. It packs an elegant user interface, encompasses straightforward controls and features additional options that can help you improve security, such as backup or restore support.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONThe non-free versions of Keeper come with a trial The free version is missing several features, including: Unlimited Password Storage Unlimited identity & payments Fingerprint & Face ID login Unlimited devices & sync Secure record sharing Emergency Access Web application 24/7 support

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