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Karaoke One (Ad-supported)

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Showcase your musical skills with this neatly-designed Windows Store App, which lets you create your own music videos accompanied by karaoke lyrics

As technology progresses, our desire to socially interact has reached new heights since the inception of social media websites and applications. While some software tools are focused on games, photos or music, once in a while there comes a program that tries to bring something new, such as Karaoke One. This neatly-designed Windows Store App acts as both a karaoke music player and social media platform.

Create karaoke content and share them with friends

Once the app is installed via the App Store, you are greeted with the modern design common to all newer apps, never lowering expectations. The menus and buttons are self-explanatory and intelligently arranged, ideal for a fun entertainment app. With this software tool, you can start creating and sharing your karaoke content with your friends.

The "Sing" menu takes you to a massive library containing the latest and greatest hits available, while those looking for specific genres can choose from predefined playlists such as "Pop4ever", "I Love Rock 'n Roll" or "Back to the 80s!".

Let others inspire you

If you lack inspiration and could use some tips from your peers, the "Feed" menu is the place to go, where you can view other people's videos and rate them using a like / comment / share feature commonly used in other social media platforms (although the typical "Like" is replaced with "You Rock", which reminds us of "Guitar Hero"). Inappropriate content that is in violation with the application's terms and conditions can be reported for immediate removal.

A leaderboards system is implemented to stimulate friendly competition, and this is where you can see the top users (with the most views and likes), and you are also granted the option of instantly following those you wish to be your karaoke role-models.

Make your profile an extension of yourself

Your profile can be customized using profile and background pictures, while social media-specific statistics can be monitored, such as the number of followers and people you are following, as well as the number of views received by all your posted videos.

An extra feature reminiscent of social networks is the notification tab, where you are alerted whenever someone likes, comments, shares or reports your karaoke content.

A fun experience for karaoke lovers

With all those social media features that we are so accustomed to, along with the nice graphics that are on par by today's standards, Karaoke One is an entertaining Windows Store App where you can showcase your vocal talents, make friends from around the world, and generally have fun.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONMost songs are hidden behind a pay wall A new song can be unlocked freely every 24 hours after watching ads

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