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K-Meleon Portable 76.4.5-2021-10-23 (GPL)

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Surf the web via a lightweight browser based on the Mozilla rendering engine, Gecko, while hiding cookies, javascripts or popups that can slow down page loading

K-Meleon Portable is a lightweight, customizable and Gecko-based web browser that enables you to navigate the Internet faster, especially when it is run on an older computer system with limited resources.

Includes a simple, familiar interface, but with a twist

Although it is based on the same rendering engine as Firefox, the utility comes with a minimalist and unpolished interface. On the other hand, you should know that it supports tabbed browsing and allows you to customize buttons, toolbars, menus or macros, just to name a few.

What the application brings new to the picture are the security features that you can access from the Privacy Bar. To put it simple, you can block popups, cookies and large images, meaning some of the elements in a web page that known as the main culprits for slow loading pages.

Granted, it can be argued that blocking elements such as Javascript can lead to some websites not loading at all. You will be happy to learn that the program permits you to create white and black lists of the sites that require javascript, cookies, images or popups to run properly.

Enables you to make web browsing smoother and faster

A further noteworthy feature of the browser is the plug-in manager, as it allows you to display icons in menus, provide support for Internet Explorer favorites, simulate tab-like behavior or save and restore sessions effortlessly. Moreover, the Mouse Gestures plugin permits you to perform various commands faster by employing a combination of right clicks and mouse movements.

In addition, the application comes with a well-structured bookmarking system that you can use to organize your favorite websites and pages better. Lastly, the utility comes with an embedded translator that enables you to view the contents of websites in the desired language.

A reliable tool that can speed up web surfing

In the eventuality that Firefox has started to work slower than usual due to your older computer system, but you would still like to use a tool with the same versatility and bundle of features, then perhaps K-Meleon Portable might come in handy.

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