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JXCirrusDiary 4.1.00 / MS Store (Demo)

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Organize your appointments, meetings, important events and to-do lists in a user-friendly diary, manage a calendar, customize text, and more

What's new in JXCirrusDiary 4.1.00:

New Features: Focus mode lets you focus on your current task without all the other clutter. Upgrade to quick notes to allow multiline notes to be loaded from emails.

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JXCirrusDiary is an application that targets a wide variety of organizational needs, from calendar appointments to to-do lists, and even note-taking or journal writing.

Setting up alarms, planning your tasks, and keeping your schedule tight

Tons of programs and software solutions offer either calendar organization functions or note-taking features. As a consequence, it is pretty difficult to try and make the best choice when it comes to your needs.

JXCirrusDiary offers you a bunch of time tracking and work scheduling. Moreover, everything you store inside this tool will be saved in your profile. Later, you can import or export your data for easy backup and retrieval. Moreover, you can analyze database schemas, set up work hours, (re)configure the details of the owner's profile, such as name, start and end date.

Additionally, when tracking a task, you can set up stopwatches, share your data and synchronize it into the cloud, or generate Google Drive automatic backups. An even cooler function is the one that allows adjusting the tool's settings to take and store snapshots.

Configuring the new tasks, your preference options, prioritizing entries

With JXCirrusDiary, you can add new tasks and subordinate those into individual entries that keep children elements underneath them. At the same time, every time you submit a new entry, you can directly design its role to make it a child or a sibling task.

For different entry types, you can add URLs, scripts, notes, tags, make master tasks that are initiate like individual sessions, order and prioritize certain elements you submitted, check real-time task completion, insert complex planning schemes, and seamlessly switch between personal and business requirements.


To summarize, this application is perfect for anyone who wishes to create a super organized schedule and at the same time, a digital vault.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONPremium features: JXCirrus Diary uses an object database to store all of your information. This database uses its own language to define what information is stored and how it is structured. The premium version lets you add to this structure to store extra information and even perform spreadsheet-like calculations on your data. You can extend the basic structure and use it to create complex project templates to use in business. Create new entry types in the object database and add more data to the existing types. Set the system to plan several years in advance, rather than just 9 months. Automate tasks using Javascript macros. Create advanced queries for the data and display them in a table view. You can even export them to spreadsheets... Use JXCirrus Diary for complete automation by having it start other computer programs as part of a task. Override the automatic planning by creating your own plans for some tasks.

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