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Just Cause Mobile

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Just Cause Mobile
Android 7.0

Just Cause Mobile APK is an action-adventure game from Square Enix with a top-down view. No need to say much because the brand name guarantees it all. Anyone who loves shooters all knows this famous amazing game.

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Introduce about Just Cause Mobile

Immerse yourself in the Just Cause universe with intense battles!

If you used to love shooting and fighting on the Just Cause console, now, you can have the opportunity to play this game again on the mobile platform.

Lots of intense battles in Just Cause Mobile

Talking about Just Cause is talking about crazy action, no amplitude, no limit, not obeying any physical laws in reality. When playing Just Cause Mobile you can freely do whatever you want without any offense or hindrance.

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Just Cause Mobile still retains this distinct value. The intense concentration of the game is what makes it stand out from the series of mobile action games today.


Before starting the game, you will be given the option of a warrior character, who will be one of the members of the Firebrand task force, a secret organization tasked with stopping the bloodthirsty group of mercenaries Darkwater from becoming a threat to the Earth. Along with that is finding the clues of the missing Firebrand leader Carmen Padrón.

If you play in Story Mode, you’ll constantly meet side characters: some will give you important information, some will help you with new resources, others will be your combat teammates in the future. Talking and following the clues from these characters, entering the several battles, you will gradually lift the curtain of truth, find out the truth behind the Darkwater gang and eradicate them to save the world.

Game modes

The four modes in Just Cause Mobile include Story mode, 30-player Competitive Multiplayer mode, Mission Cooperative mode, and Challenge mode:

  • 30-player competitive multiplayer mode: This is where the mortal arena takes place between your team and 2 other teams. Each team consists of 10 warriors, fighting each other to gain bases and score points.
  • Co-op Missions: This is a 4-player team game mode, you have to overcome the game missions given and defeat many types of enemies to score points.
  • Challenge Mode: When playing this mode, you have to score the highest score in the shortest time with a series of strange challenges such as paragliding, speed racing.
  • Story mode: You will play and fight according to the story context in the game when playing this mode.

Each game mode has its own context and challenge. You can choose to play solo, team up to fight with friends. Each has its own drama and a similar power-up mechanism. After each victory, you will receive materials, gold coins, equipment to continue to strengthen and fight stronger in the future.

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Moreover, besides the four modes above, this game also has Battle Royale Survival mode. I’m sure you will enjoy playing this mode. This is also the game mode in my opinion that shows the extreme madness of Just Cause Mobile. Here, you will form a team of up to 10 soldiers to work together on the task of recapturing the base from the enemy side. The total number of players in these mortalities can be up to 30 people. Each person will have a mission to adventure around the environment, collecting weapons, equipment, and vehicles to build their own. It is important to defend well at all times and to be in a ready-to-battle position to see any enemy as key. The battlefield broke out with such a large number of soldiers that everyone was working at full capacity, can you imagine how exciting it will be?

Powerful skills of characters

The first detail that shows the madness in Just Cause Mobile is the superhuman skill set of the warrior characters. Despite their human appearance, the abilities of these warriors were far beyond reality. Nature skills, combat skills that are upgraded over time, and a variety of weapons and support items obtained through battles such as fishing lines, paragliding, guns… All will create synergy for the character, making him able to fight like a superhero and at the same time open up a lot of fighting styles, attractive combo skills that make the game more and more exciting.

When playing Just Cause Mobile, you will be free to perform a lot of unique skills: acrobatics, approaching knocks down the opponent, straight fists, and shooting… You can do a lot of different powerful skills with your enemies in the battles.

Graphics and sound

The 3D image quality in Just Cause Mobile is very eye-catching. But if that’s all, many other games can do it too. What is worth mentioning and showing the passion in each battle of Just Cause Mobile is the explosion effect, which glows continuously every time you use special weapons to destroy a series of enemy soldiers. Sometimes the area of ​​fire caused by the encounters almost occupies the light of the frame. In general, the visual effect of the game is so excellent.

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To increase the richness, Just Cause Mobile does not forget to include a series of great sound effects. I highly recommend you when playing this game should come with headphones or external speakers to feel all the sound in the game.

Download Just Cause Mobile APK for Android

Another extremely fun point when playing Just Cause Mobile is the voice of each character. Each of them has a loud, heroic voice, their conversations will also make you feel more energetic before entering the real battle.

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