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Julia Language 1.6.3 / 1.0.5 LTS / 1.7.0 RC 2 (MIT License)

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The Julia coding language features familiar syntax and can be used for technical and mathematical computing, through this command line tool

Julia Language is a simple command line tool designed to work with the Julia coding language, for technical computing.

The application features a reliable compiler, distributed parallel execution, high accuracy and a large mathematical functions library. It also supports certain C and Fortran libraries.

While running in command line, Julia Language offers you a comprehensive workspace in which to create and compile your Julia script. Its syntax is similar to other coding languages, which makes it a simple to use tool for developers who are new to Julia.

For higher accuracy and more efficiency, the tool includes several functions libraries, written in Julia, but also in C and Fortran. Linear algebra, number generation, signal processing and string processing can be improved using these libraries.

Julia Language supports multiple dispatch, allowing you to define function behavior across several combinations of argument types. Moreover, it features a dynamic type system for creating documentations, optimization tools and dispatch.

The coding language facilitates quick compiling and features a benchmark time close to that of C. Its built-in package manager allows it to handle extensions and plugins, while supporting Python, C or Lisp functions.

Moreover, developers can easily combine Julia syntax with elements from C and Fortran libraries, as well as call external functions. You may easily define functions in C, Python, Fortran, without writing wrapper code or recompiling existing lines.

Its LLVM-based just-in-time compiler is designed for parallelism and distributed computation, along with well configured automatic number generation. It provides a series of key building blocks for distributed computation, allowing it to withhold several styles of parallel threads.

It can handle several argument types and allows you to define elements suitable for one or more of them.

Additionally, it features support for Unicode, its default option being the UTF-8 encoding method. Julia Language is designed for high-level, high-performance and dynamic computing, featuring an easy to use, highly flexible syntax.

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