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JDisc Discovery Professional Edition 5.0 Build 5083 (Demo)

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Perform various network scans, discover and identify devices that are connected to it and organize the output information according to your needs

What's new in JDisc Discovery Professional Edition 5.0 Build 5083:

New Devices: D-Link DGS-1100-24 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Radware Alteon Switches Ubiquity PowerBeam Antennas

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If you ever performed administrative actions over a network, you are probably aware that some of them are quite tedious.

However, relying on advanced dedicated software solutions might simplify your work by providing you with a wide variety of powerful tools. One of the applications that can help you in the situation above is JDisc Discovery Professional Edition.

Advanced network scanner application with an extensive user interface

This application can be easily installed on your computer, as the amount of additional configuration you need to perform is kept to a minimum. It comes with a rich user interface that incorporates a wide variety of useful functions.

Note that this application was designed to simplify the work of network administrators by providing them with several complex functions. Therefore, accessing it might prove to be difficult unless you have advanced PC operating skills and a good understanding of specific networking concepts.

Perform advanced network scans and identify connected devices

JDISC Discovery Professional Edition allows you to run complex scans over the network and identify all the devices that are currently connected to it.

Running a scan can be achieved with ease, by clicking the corresponding button from the main window. Additionally, the scan can be paused or stopped, depending on your needs. As the application is processing the collected data, you can view a list of devices that are connected to your network, along with other useful information.

Access an outstanding variety of network-related information and save it on your PC

This program allows you to view numerous details about devices on your network and also export it to an archive on your computer, for future reference.

It is possible to access several lists that feature significant information, such as user accounts, IP ranges, applications, patches, services, drivers, processes, clusters or login credentials. Furthermore, you can organize the information you receive within databases, for future reference, or you can export it to your computer as an archive file, for safe storage.

To wrap it up, JDISC Discovery Professional Edition is a complex network scanning tool that allows you to perform advanced scans and identify connected devices, along with other useful details. However, due to its complexity, it might not be possible to access it entirely unless you meet certain PC skill requirements.

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