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Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool 2.0.0 (Freeware)

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Find out more about the battery lifespan of laptops with Intel's vPro technology so you can prevent data loss and other inconvenience via this tool

What's new in Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool 2.0.0:

New Features: Added “WMI Activity Analysis” module Added optional participation on Intel® Product Improvement Program Added support command line execution (no UI) by using the "--type" flag

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Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool is a professional program especially designed for IT managers so that they can predict the estimated battery life on Intel vPro systems. It is important to note that the application should always be used in a controlled test environment, as attempting to diagnose on a live system would severely impact the performance of casual tasks as well as lead to less accurate test results.

Provides two types of battery life tests

Before running the application, testers are advised to ensure that the laptop is connected to the Internet, the battery is plug-in and charging and that the test system supports Intel's vPro technology. At the same time, it is highly recommended to have Chrome browser as well as Windows operating system updated to their latest versions.

The application provides two types of tests, namely a Quick Assessment of the battery life that can help set a diagnosis and that takes around 30 minutes. In the eventuality that more thorough information is required on the diagnosis and life estimate, then the approximately 5 hours Full Test is recommended.

Check out the results and compare them over time

Regardless of the chosen test, it is advisable to close all applications on the laptop to allow the app to test properly. The results are going to be displayed in the browser window, but can also be accessed from the User folder. The reports can be easily identified as they have the same format, meaning the <laptop_name>_YYYYMMDD_x.html.

The application can be used as often as necessary and all reports carry a timestamp on them to facilitate a comparison. At the same time, the program collects raw data and stores it in a subfolder named after the laptop's name.

All in all, Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool is a specialized tool that enables professionals to estimate the battery lifespan of laptops with Intel vPro technology.

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