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Infinite Flight: Flight Simulator

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Updated on October 12, 2022

A great and realistic experience on mobile, where you can become a pilot and fly in the sky. Today, I will introduce you to an extremely vivid airplane simulation game, that is Infinite Flight APK.

About Infinite Flight: Flight Simulator

Experience the work and life of a true pilot. Aside from being a pilot, you can also explore new landscapes with high definition, or familiar landscapes, but in a completely different perspective.


The reason for the graphic is my first mention because this is the most special highlight of this game. Infinite Flight is one of the most realistic graphics simulation games ever. You will be surprised by its liveliness. Images of planes, sky, landscapes, runways… are so real that you are watching a movie about the real experience on the plane.

Infinite Flight Beautiful Scenic 1024x576

Moreover, these images are more realistic with diverse landscapes and extremely realistic weather. While controlling the aircraft, you can go through many areas with a variety of landscapes. Enjoy majestic mountains, beautiful desert landscapes, vast oceans… Along with that, there are many flexible weather effects. The publisher used actual images taken from satellites to simulate the scene below.


Like everything in life, the first time is the newest and difficult times. Infinite Flight is the same. Aircraft are machines that express the endless wisdom of humans. Therefore, they are not easy to control. The process of becoming a pilot requires rigorous training, only a handful of people are capable. To be fluent in control and have safe flights, you will have to get used to a lot of aircraft engines and control systems. Initially, you are provided with an aircraft to test drive and get used to the starting system, cruise control and landing. In addition, the game incorporates an autopilot mode that helps to control all flights, perform flight modes and can automatically land.

Infinite Flight Plane Control 1024x576

In general, the control system is complicated. If you are not a pilot, then this is probably the first contact with the cockpit of the aircraft. However, if you have mastered it, you will be fascinated by controlling large planes and mastering vast areas of the sky. You will never want to land!

Unlock new flights

If you’ve mastered the controls of Infinite Flight, you have the opportunity to become the best-skilled pilots. In addition to driving common civil aircraft, the game allows you to unlock more planes. There are dozens of airplanes such as CRJ-200, CRJ-700, 208 Caravan, SR22, MD-11F… Or even, the game has military aircraft, cargo planes for you to choose. You can drive new planes to bring new experiences. However, it requires a lot of skills for a good pilot.

Infinite Flight Land Safety 1024x576

In addition, to become a talented and intelligent pilot, you have to be very alert to deal with all situations. The incident in flight is inevitable. It may be related to engine or weather conditions. When encountering these problems, it is best to stay calm and quickly contact the air traffic control to land to the nearest airport. There are more than 20,000 airports so you can get ready for an emergency landing. You are the one who decides the safety of hundreds of people on the plane, so stay calm in any case.

Enjoy the wonders

Infinite Flight gives you a new feeling when admiring the many wonders in the world with a view from above. There are massive and majestic mountains that few have ever set foot on or the mountains of snow and desert. Even sometimes, just a mountain peak but sunk in the sunset sky enough to make you feel ecstatic. Besides, experience flights in real-time give you many surprises. You can both watch the sunset, star moon and dawn in just one flight. The stunning scenery on the journey can please the most demanding players.

Download Infinite Flight APK for Android

If you want to play this game well, I think you should learn and read through an airplane parameter. The game will help you better understand some of the rules of an airplane and some things that a pilot needs to consider, such as altitude, pressure, temperature…

With exciting features simulating a realistic aircraft, Infinite Flight has become the most exciting airplane driving simulation game ever. Because of the vivid and realistic graphics to every detail, the game requires your phone has high configured.

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