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Incogniton (Demo)

2 years ago 171

A user-friendly solution for accessing multiple unique browser profiles in a structured overview, while protecting your privacy at all times

What's new in Incogniton

New feature! Option to add cookies to via REST API New feature! Added option to always use the default language from the device for the chrome user interface New feature! Added option to add netscape cookies New feature! Added option to use Base64 encoded Netscape/JSON cookies

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Incogniton offers you the possibility to create a database with all the browser profiles you use on a regular basis, no matter their host OS. This way, you can simulate each profile on whatever computer you are currently working on.

Portable browser profile management

One of the great features of this application is its portability, meaning that you do not need to install it on your PC in order to benefit from its functions. This means you can easily copy all its related data to another machine and still have access to the data you added.

However, it does use Java in order to work, so you need to make sure this framework is already installed.

Create a list of browser profiles

When adding a new browser profile to Incogniton, you need to start by assigning it a name and choosing the supported OS. This way, you can limit the browser fingerprints you receive to a certain operating system.

Next, you can configure data related to timezone, WebRTC and geo-location fingerprints based on external IP.

Adjust advanced parameters

Incogniton also allows you to modify details related to browser's user-agent, screen resolution, platform, and hardware concurrency.

Additionally, you can enable font list masking, along with Unicode glyphs and DOMRect fingerprinting protection. If you want to mask media devices, Incogniton allows you to define the number of video inputs, audio inputs and output.

You also get to tamper with the configuration regarding canvas or AudioContext fingerprinting, masking WebGL image, or replacing WebGL metadata.


To wrap it up, Incogniton can help you simulate multiple browser profiles on a single computer, while still retaining all the fingerprint and privacy settings.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONYou can save up to 10 browser profiles SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSRAM: 4 GB Disk: 1 GB of free space GPU availability Java

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