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Immortal Legend

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Immortal Legend
Android 4.4

Immortal Legend APK is a strategic role-playing game combined with a monster fighting adventure, famous for its huge number of heroes up to hundreds.

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Introduce about Immortal Legend

Immerse in epic adventures of Gods and Angels!


In Immortal Legend, you play as one of the heroes, and with your mighty army adventure to explore, fight the evil forces of fierce monsters, and regain all the treasures they have stolen from the kingdom.

The entire game scene of Immortal Legend looks like a large maze with many different areas and locations. Each place has its own terrain, structure, traps, and monsters.

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Each area in the maze always has a different color depending on its characteristics: the central area is brightly colored, and the areas outside the maze are dark, gloomy.

Besides the magnificence of the character creation, the sound is also an impressive point of Immortal Legend. During the battle, the sound of weapons clashing, the screams of the generals, the legendary moves from the Sacred Treasure are very like real life. It can be said that Immortal Legend is very excellent in terms of graphics, motion, and sound.

The mighty heroes in the game are very impressed

As you can see in Immortal Legend’s introductory poster, the hero creation in the game is very magnificent with many detailed lines on the armor. The number of heroes in Immortal Legend is also up to more than 200, so you can be free to choose and develop your own playstyle.

Because of the mythical context, the characters in the game include many different species such as humans, monsters, fairies, dwarves. The gameplay is also extremely diverse from defense, damage, support… So players can comfortably strategize the team to confront the enemies.

Wizard has the strongest attack power, can deal high damage. Pros are ranged attack, fast cooldown. So it is possible to use a continuous attack on a huge boss and have a superior level than other generals. The downside is that the Wizard will be weak when encountering super high-level bosses, or the final boss of the game because the Wizards have almost no or very little defense ability, the amount of health is also inferior to other types of generals. When playing, you need to pay attention to increasing the health and endurance of Wizard.

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Warrior is a tenacious melee knight, able to deal with many different monsters at once. Pros are strong health, a lot of blood, can attack quickly, can be used to fight some high-class bosses. Cons are low damage, relatively slow cooldown (compared to Wizard). So when playing you should increase in runes and talent points for Warrior.

Archer is a character with flexibility and high damage ability with a dense frequency. Pros are long-range combat, good dodging ability. The downside is that each attack can only target one target. So you need to focus on increasing many Soul art stats for Archers.

The character’s appearance, as I said above, is very majestic. Of course, at first, when you haven’t leveled up, they will look like commoners, but over time, as you get higher upgrades, from weapons, appearance, equipment, and skills also get upgraded.

Freedom create your own tactics

Heroes in Immortal Legend are divided into many classes. Each combined formation will have different characteristics and destructive power and can create a variety of flexible tactics in battles. Each character will fight to rank up, gain new weapons and equipment, collect Spirit gear, treasure, and get an upgrade appearance. For every character in the lineup that changes, you can have a new combo.

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In Immortal Legend there is also a strange concept: Soul gear. When fighting, if you have enough divine energy, you can summon a legendary weapon with terrible destructive power, dealing a heavy blow to the enemy ranks. Soul gear can be obtained through daily quests in Dungeons, in the Etheric realm, and the Tower of Demons. The Soul gears are divided into Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystical levels. Depending on the type collected, the ability to increase strength and the opportunity to call legendary weapons for the character will be different.

Automatic feature

Immortal Legend is a bit different from the usual fighting adventure RPGs. This game has an automatic feature. This helps players quite a lot when they don’t have time but wants to see the character fighting. One of the important missions of the heroes in the game is Mining for raw materials. This mining work will take place even when you are offline. So, your character never runs out of resources, always has plenty of energy to upgrade his strength continuously. So, you will always have powerful characters ready for all the fiercest battles when you play.

Download Immortal Legend APK for Android

In short, Immortal Legend is an adventure role-playing game combined with many trendy elements: powerful characters in quantity and quality, reasonable ranking mechanism, automatic support, endless mazes of battles, impressive monsters. Moreover, you can connect with your friends and play both single and multiplayer modes. This game is a perfect model for modern mobile RPGs.

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