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ImageMagick Portable 7.1.0 (Apache License 2.0)

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Advanced graphic editor with a simple GUI for basic operations and multiple CLI tools for conversion, identification, comparison, and others

Designed for users with meticulous graphic editing capabilities, ImageMagick Portable provides advanced options for creating images, making modifications, and converting bitmaps. It offers support for over 200 graphic filetypes, such as PNG, TIFF, GIF, PostScript, and SVG.

All comprehensive functions are carried out through distinct command-line utilities. Only a small part of some standard operations can be carried out through a graphical interface, namely crop, chop, flip, rotate, shear, roll, and edge trimmer. Also, images (either the original or modified versions) can be saved with a different file extension.

Generate GIFs, overlap pictures, draw, reduce noise, and more

With the help of the command-line tools, you can generate animated GIFs from multiple pictures, draw with shapes or write text, work with very large photo sizes (up to tera-pixel dimensions), reduce noise and colors, or put together montages by juxtaposing picture thumbnails on a canvas.

Furthermore, it's possible to make parts of the picture transparent, use math expressions with images or image channels, wrap the photos with borders or frames, manage colors accurately using profiles, as well as access pixels outside of the graphic boundaries. Images can overlap others with the help of the "composite" tool.

The project is free and open-source. It can be integrated with PerlMagick (Perl), ImageMagickObject (COM+), IMagick (PHP), MagicCore (C), JMagick (Java), Tclmagick (Tcl/TK), and others.

Comes bundled with advanced graphic processing tools

The software suite had minimal impact on system performance throughout our evaluation. It carried out tasks swiftly and successfully, without displaying any errors. It represents the portable, no-install edition of ImageMagick, which can be run straight from a USB flash drive on any PC.

Taking into account its comprehensive set of utilities, ImageMagick should meet the requirements of many users looking for advanced graphic editing techniques that are accessible via the console interface. It's not ideal for amateurs, however, who are likely to prefer a graphical environment and more intuitive features.

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