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Illegal Race Tuning

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December 13, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Illegal Race Tuning
Tuning Mania
Unlimited Money
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Android 6.0

Illegal Race Tuning MOD APK will allow you to play a driving game that combines racing with customizing the appearance of a supercar. The game is impressively beautiful among so many 3D driving games on mobile now.

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Introduce about Illegal Race Tuning

Be the fastest driver!

To drive with the most excitement and super speed, you must have a car that is beautiful, cool, and capable of speeding up fast in any situation. Most modern mobile racing games can do this, giving players unprecedented dramatic experiences. But to custom your own supercar in every detail, only Illegal Race Tuning can best satisfy you.

Create your own unique car

Illegal Race Tuning is racing in the underworld where you throw away all the rules of society to play with speed and show your prestige through high-class racing cars.

Illegal Race Tuning APK free download

The first unique feature is the unique racing cars with extensive customization capabilities. Of course, anyone who loves racing games would also like customizing cars. But not many games allow the player to interfere with as many details of a vehicle as Illegal Race Tuning. In the game, each car, after the ‘epic tuning’, is transformed into a unique, dreamlike, and super quality car.

Not only customize the appearance, but you can also design the inside of the vehicle to change the stats and bring outstanding strength to it.

This process is so cool that it can be called “the show for building your own racing car”. This custom feature takes a lot of attention and time in the game. It is also the first and biggest difference of this unlimited racing game.

How to customize cars in the game is very simple. As long as you are interested, you can create a ‘precious horse’ for yourself. With the parts and car frame available, you select and attach them to form a complete car. Each part has a variety of options in terms of appearance and stats, leading to an infinite number of models that can be created under your hands. Wheels, tires, engine, exhaust, transmission, front brake, rear brake, front light, rear light, rearview mirror, sticker, paint color… Just change one of them and you will get another strange supercar.

Race unlimitedly and experience the gorgeous, finished supercars

Once you have a car, you will start participating in “illegal” car races. Forget all the traffic rules, here you are the lord of the cars. Rushing on the road at your own speed, regardless of obstacles or any signs, the only thing you need to conquer is speed and time.

The control mechanism in the racing screens is also very simple, with the navigation button on one side, the engine control buttons on the other side, just touching to perform the desired feature. The remaining problem is that you must master the speed and vision of the supercar, to reach the highest speed in the shortest amount of time.

Illegal Race Tuning MOD by APKMODY

For me, this racing part is more like the testing phase after designing the car. With each newly built supercar combo, racing will help you experience its special features and stats and have a 360-degree view of the beautiful body of the car.

Speeding-up racing track and leveling-up technique

For added excitement, Illegal Race Tuning also offers various entertaining racing modes. Each mode has its own goal and mission, enough for you to show off the full features, beauty, and power of the supercar fleet.

If you are too familiar with small races, you can bring the supercar to bigger, longer-term races. Of course, with these difficult races, the rewards (money), items (premium, more unique car customization parts) obtained after each victory will also be much richer. Is it attractive enough to any professional driver?

Illegal Race Tuning for Android

It’s not right to say that racing in Illegal Race Tuning isn’t technical. On the contrary, it is because the car is so good and smooth that their feature set and high specifications cannot be missed. In addition to the main controls in driving, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a series of new car powers such as the ability to drift, maximize nitro to accelerate. The more you play, the more complicated and winding the tracks in the game. Many new competitors appear and require more coordination techniques when driving. The skills of a skilled driver will require much more difference and more land to show off than those of semi-professional drivers.

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