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Updated on October 2, 2022

iFlix MOD APK is a paid movie watching app for everyone, especially young people. For just a few dollars a month, you can watch unlimited thousands of exclusive movies, movies, TV series.

iFlix: Movie watching app for all families

iFlix and its localization strategy

This app currently has more than 3 million users in total. The orientation from the beginning of iFlix is to young customers, so the content and movies on the application are also very youthful. Especially highly localized, something that long-standing global pay-movies like Netflix cannot do.

One of the factors of great interest in large-scale movie applications is the subtitles section. This is also the key to the localization I mentioned earlier at iFlix. Currently iFlix is providing popular subtitles in the markets it targets, including Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, English and Vietnamese.

It is known that Vietnam is the ninth market that iFlix invests in. Currently, the application works well in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Brunei. The well-tuned English subtitles on the service demonstrate the serious effort iFlix is bringing to users.

iFlix for Android
iFlix Premium Unlocked

iFlix with a risk-push strategy but effective

iFlix has flexible account usage policies to help users watch movies comfortably, easily share accounts with family and friends. Specifically, an iFlix account can be viewed on 5 different devices, capable of downloading and saving up to 1 week. This is a very good measure to please users.

The movie store is still developing, but expect more interesting things in the future

iFlix has a huge collection of movies and shows, and is expected to expand in the future. Of course, it is currently not comparable to Netflix, but there are a wide variety of movie favorites in some countries. Here is another example of iFlix’s strong localization strategy.

In addition to popular movies, iFlix also copyrighted its own exclusive shows / movies such as Mr. Robot, Flash, Fargo, Emerald City, Goblin … They have worked with famous studios in the Asian market to ensure the release of the newest, hottest movies as soon as possible.

Easy registration, flexible use, and convenient payment

IFlix is currently offering a 30-day free trial account. If you are satisfied with the service, you can choose subscription packages (monthly / yearly) to continue watching your favorite movies. Payment in iFlix is also flexible, possible via credit cards, phone cards and even electronic wallets.

iFlix is also flexible in supporting platforms. You can watch movies well no matter what on iOS, Android and web platforms. Anyone who is using Chromecast can broadcast it via TV from the smartphone app or use the app directly on the app store of today’s smart TVs.

AI helps you filter movies carefully, recommend properly and reliably for parent

One of the top concerns of parents where a movie player app is to select, recommend and filter content automatically according to the child’s age. This AI capability in iFlix does quite well. Most of the movies are well depicted and age-marked, and AIs will filter before these are turned into suggestions for users.

MOD APK version of iFlix

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download iFlix MOD APK for Android

Compared to Netflix, it must be recognized that iFlix still loses in many aspects. For example, the movie store is not as diverse and huge, the speed of updating new movies is also slower than Netflix. But in return, the low price, the localization approach, diverse forms of payment, sharing multiple devices for one account, interface, and the ultimate film filtering capabilities have created its position on the app store.

Download iFlix MOD APK here!

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