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Icing On The Dress Mod APK 1.1.7 (Unlimited money)

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Ora Hart - 25/11/2021

Are you in love with fancy dresses and cakes? Why not combine them both in one game! In Icing on the Dress, you can create the ultimate culmination of your imagination!

Most people love fancy dresses and cakes. They symbolize elegance, parties, fun and joy in our lives. Although some may think that they won’t go together, a certain game has dared to break the norm! In Icing on the Dress, you can now enjoy both fancy dresses, cakes and princesses! There are a lot to expect from this beautifully-crafted game.

Icing On The Dress Mod APK

From Lion Studios, Icing on the Dress now has more than a million installs and it’s not stopping anytime soon. It’s the kind of game that you’d play until you finish all the designs. Here, you’re tasked to create beautiful designs into reality. You’ll be given a cake with a princess on top and a molding on the bottom. It’s up to you to create a stunning design that will wow your customers!

Create Unique Cakes

Have you ever made a cake? How about a dress? Perhaps you’re fond of Disney princesses? If you said yes to all of these, then you are in the right article! Did you know that you can enjoy all of these and more in one mobile game called Icing on the Dress? Here, you’ll be a pâtissier and a fashion designer all in one! This is a unique game that has made millions happy.

Icing On The Dress APK Latest Version

The way you play this game is simple. First, you’re given a semi-blank canvas. There’s a cake with a princess on top. You need to cut the cake and design it according to the requires. But you need to take note of the precise colors and designs needed to fulfill each job! Overall, this is a very rewarding experience that not only cake lovers would enjoy.

Top 5 Icing on the Dress Features

Always found role-playing games to be boring? Now you don’t have to anymore. Thanks to Icing on the Dress, you’ll get the benefits of playing as a fashion designer and a chef all in one game. Here are its top 5 features.

  • Cake making and fashion design – In the real world, cake making isn’t a simple feat. It’s done by chefs for hours on end and they require delicate hands. This is especially true for most cakes that are requested to be personally decorated and embedded with different things. But how about when you incorporate fashion into the cake? How much harder does it become? If you want to find out, try Icing on the Dress now. This game seamlessly incorporates elements of cake making and fashion design all in one game. Now, you can make a fashionable cake that you can be proud of.
  • Complete many challenges – In this game, you’ll keep facing different orders. Whether you finish them or not is up to you. But when you keep creating beautiful cakes and getting 3 stars, you can collect a ton of rewards and get more orders. Each cake is unique as it has a different design needed each time. There are different colors, designs and princesses on each cake that you do. What could be a better game than that?
Icing On The Dress APK Free Download
  • Impressive visuals – For this game to become a reality, the developers worked hard to create a stunning game with 3D visuals. The cakes are expressive and everything has been done to create a visually stimulating experience. Combine that with the sound effects and you’ll be addicted to it instantly.
  • Easy controls – A role-playing game, this one doesn’t need any complicated controls. You just touch and slide your fingers across the screen to cut and design the cakes. There are multiple colors of icing and knives you can use. Plus, there are other sprays that you can choose to create the perfect dress cake!
  • Earn rewards and play for free – For every cake you correctly make, you’ll be rewarded with money and different items. Plus, the game is entirely for free! Enjoy countless hours of gameplay with Icing on the Dress now.

Icing on the Dress Mod APK – Unlimited money

Icing on the Dress is a marvelous game that intricately combines cakes, fashion and princesses! Download the latest version and experience this delicate game of cake-making now.

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