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Hunter Assassin 2

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Updated on January 5, 2022 (5 mins ago)

NamePackage NamePublisherCategoryMOD FeaturesVersionSizeRequiresPrice
Hunter Assassin 2
Ruby Game Studio
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4

Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK from Ruby Game Studio is a super addictive puzzle game. The game rules are not much different from the previous part, but there are many additions. And the number of puzzles is now overwhelming.

Introduce about Hunter Assassin 2

An addictive puzzle game with many “strange and delicious baits”!

In the game world, there are quite strange things. Sometimes you hear a game name and look at the poster, you may think it’s all type A, but then it turns out to be type B or a combination of A and B. As is the case with Hunter Assassin 2: you may think it is an action shooter, but unexpectedly, its core is the brain-hacking puzzles, and the fighting element is just part of the fun.


You will play as a professional assassin. Wherever you go, you only have one task (also a goal): destroy all enemies at each level.

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How is Hunter Assassin 2 different from the first part?

The first big difference is in weapons. In Part 1, the assassin from beginning to end only had one knife on his back, and in Hunter Assassin 2, you will have a new series of weapons, mostly guns. From pistols to rifles, machine guns… So obviously the way to destroy the enemy this time will also be more diverse.

But everything has its price. As you become stronger and more versatile, your enemies in this part 2 are also much smarter and more cunning. This is the second difference.

Third, and most importantly, the assassin’s stats and skills are also significantly enriched. For more details, please see the Gameplay section.


The setting of Hunter Assassin 2 is still a large construction site, with lots of crates and a bunch of obstacles placed everywhere. You have to find your way through them to reach and destroy the enemy.

A series of large and small enemies in the context of each level. They will constantly move around to patrol. But each one’s vision will be limited to a certain area depending on how far away the flashlight is in hand. To break into the enemy zone, you must also keep moving, in silence and do not go into the enemy’s flashlight line of sight. You must find the right path to get to as many enemies as possible from a direction they don’t detect you and shoot them down in a split second.

The bright point of Hunter Assassin 2 this time is the ability of the assassin has been upgraded. No longer holding a knife when approaching, you can now use a gun to shoot enemies from a distance. But the cruel thing is that every time you shoot, the sound emitted will alert all the enemies and easily direct them to you more. So, in addition to calculating for each step, it is advisable to not shoot indiscriminately. The core of Hunter Assassin 2 is the process of calculating, measuring the steps, and taking advantage of the surrounding circumstances to hide and attack in time.

This new version also brings many stats for assassins. Recalling part 1, he only had a single Agility stat. But here, there are a series of stats that need to be taken care of during combat: Agility, Survival, Attack Power, Level, and Fusion.

After each battle, you will obtain a reward of Diamonds. With diamonds, you select to add a new character at the rotation of the store. Each assassin character has its own unique shape and ability with a corresponding different weapon. Like some people run faster, some specialize in attacks, others have good health maintenance (can be alive if shot)… So, every time there is a new character, the feeling is on the top.

In addition to the inherent ability and good weapons and merge types for new upgrades, along the way, sometimes assassins are gifted with special items. Every time these items appear, they cause a storm because of their terrible damage. With just one ballistic missile, you can wipe out the enemy in ½ of the level. So don’t miss anything that sparkles on the road.

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