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Huji Cam
Manhole, Inc.
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Android 5.0

Huji Cam MOD APK will help you save beautiful moments through old footage of the past. Have you ever sobbed at such a nostalgic picture?

Table of Contents

Introduce about Huji Cam

Simulation of the Fuji film cameras of the 1998s

Pictures of the times

Have you ever realized that photos taken by a 1998 camera always have a very different feel? It has a bit of nostalgia in every detail that will make you feel emotional. Emotional moments become more precious and poetic. That is the priceless value of old cameras.

That much is enough for a lot of people to choose this old film camera to capture all the precious emotions. If you also want to try the time-lapse watercolor typical of this classic camera but don’t have enough time to learn or cannot afford a complete set, then download this Huji Cam application.

What is Huji Cam?

Huji Cam is an application that helps you take photos like those from a Fuji film camera from the 1998s, which seems to be impossible without an old-fashioned Fuji camera. When you download Huji Cam to your device, you can take photos right on the main interface of the application. Quickly, easily, conveniently get pictures with rich colors and emotions. Huji Cam gives you more than that.

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Simulate film photography with high resolution

Huji Cam is just a color film simulation of 1998’s Fuji film cameras. But when you take photos directly on Huji Cam, you will get extremely sharp, high-resolution images. Sometimes I think it’s even better than a live camera on mobile. Images taken on the Huji Cam are in good quality, true-to-life colors, and have a very typical old-fashioned color. After you take a photo then save it to your device, you can freely edit it without fear of image breakage or pixel blur.

Like the live camera on mobile, after taking a photo with Huji Cam, you can quickly save it to your device or press the Share button to share it with your friends and relatives on social networks like Facebook, Line, Messenger… directly from the app.

A variety of other supporting features

In addition to the main function of simulating the Fuji film cameras in 1998, Huji Cam also owns some pretty good tools to further support users, bringing more convenience to the experience process.

  • Change Photo Filters: To make it easier to edit photos after shooting, you can use the Filters Collection to edit and change the general color of the whole photo. There are many different styles, tones, and color modes from these filters. You are free to edit until you are satisfied with your finished product.
  • Flash photography: Flash photography is always an obsession for many girls. If you are a bit careless, your photo will disappoint you, especially when using digital cameras. But with the Flash shooting mode in the film camera, it is different. Not only does it create special points, but it can also highlight prominent angles on your face (Of course, as long as you are skilled to choose a suitable context). Not to mention the Flash shooting mode also helps you create many ideal photos in low light conditions, especially at night or in the twilight. Combining these two features, it can be said that Shooting Flash in the Huji Cam is also a worthwhile experience.
  • Self-timer: For those who are taking selfies or taking photos with friends. This feature once again perfects the ability to emulate the old Fuji film cameras. Have you ever been surprised many times by this function on old cameras? Now the Huji Cam has it too, exactly the same. Very convenient to use.

These features are small but having it all on the same main interface of the application makes everything a lot more intuitive and helpful. Just by one touch, you can do what you want. And that is also the original goal of the publisher.

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