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HTML Compiler 2021.47 (10/24/2021) (Shareware)

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A tool designed to provide you with a means of packaging an entire website as an executable, runnable just like any other application

What's new in HTML Compiler 2021.47 (10/24/2021):

First release of the product compiled in Microsoft Windows 11. Fixed the detection of the Microsoft Windows version in order to be used internally at some places in the product. Set the rounded corners in the GUI forms when using the dark theme of the product GUI and do the same for the user compiled apps forms. Test the product at Microsoft Windows 11.

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Websites come in many varieties, tailor-made for their specific purposes. HTMLs are a great introductory step to website design and, as such, have benefited from a lot of attention from developers. HTML Compiler follows in the wake of this trend, but provides users with an original solution to backing up their sites: it creates a self-contained EXE repository of all the files in the target folder.

Create offline versions of web resources

With this tool, one can easily create offline versions of simple HTML web pages. The program is highly intuitive and all the necessary steps are hardcoded into the program - no advanced web development skills are necessary and, indeed, one can create backups with just a few mouse clicks.

It should be noted that the utility requires all affiliated files to be stored locally. More-so, the core 'Index.html' hub document must be available, as the application extracts recursively all the needed information from it. Thus, one cannot use this program to transfer an entire website from the Internet.

Cannot process sites larger than 500 MBs

These issues brushed to the side, compiling an offline executable version of the site is as simple as indicating the location of the Index file. Once this is performed, the application automatically assumes all neighboring documents are affiliated with the HTML and compiles a standalone executable. This program can be run like any other normal application and will feature all the functionality of the source web site.

Any files found are added to the output executable, although a total size limitation of 500 MB must be observed. This is an intrinsic shortcoming of the tool, but should not affect most tasks, as HTML sites rarely reach this figure.

An overall adequate solution for webmasters who need to create archives of HTML sites

To sum up, HTML Compiler is a good tool for anyone involved with managing HTML web resources. It allows users to create offline repositories of target sites, complete with all the affiliated documents, regardless of their extensions.

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