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Howzat Mod APK 2.0.1 (No ads)

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Ora Hart - 12/12/2021

Do you love Cricket and Football? If you’re a fan of these sports, enjoy Howzat today to create your fantasy teams! Earn big money by assembling a team!

Sports are wholesome activities that encourage a lot of aspects. Since there are many sports around, there are different ones you can enjoy today and even play. But if you haven’t heard of fantasy sports, it’s essentially a game within a game where you can create your own team of players based on real ones. Then, you can earn money based on your skills of picking players and some luck. If you want to partake in these games, try Howzat.

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This app is India’s biggest fantasy sports app with more than 7 million plus users! Here you can pick your sport such as Football and Cricket which are two of the biggest sports in the country. Here, you can then create your ideal team which can consist of the best players from other teams in real life. Then, you’ll clash with others to win big prizes!

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports App

There are fun sports that you can play today. There’s basketball, cricket, football, soccer and many more. Each of these major sports has millions of fans all over the world and there are plenty of popular leagues today. But in India and Asia, you’ll find that cricket and football are two of the biggest sports today. There are a lot of competitions held and a lot of teams competing on these countries. Because of this, you’ll love Howzat which is a popular fantasy sports app.

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howzat apk

If you have no idea what fantasy sports is, it’s basically a game inside a game. Although some people say it’s gambling, it’s actually far from it. Here, you can create your own team that consists of players from the current roster of all teams in a league. You can then freely enter a match and the scores will be based on the real-life matches that will happen. In Howzat, there’s a unique scoring system which ensures that everything your player does on the field will translate into points.

If you win the match, you can then earn real money! There are plenty of skills involved in here as well as luck.

Howzat Features

Want to enjoy the sports you love as well as earn money? In Howzat, you can create your fantasy teams!

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India’s Biggest Fantasy Sports App – Fantasy sports started after the world war II. It’s now one of the most popular activities for sports fans all over the world where they can earn money and enjoy. Here, you can create your ultimate fantasy team from top players on the league. You can then, select the best players to your team so you can compete with others! If you win, you can earn real money in here today.

There are tons of sports today but cricket and football are the most popular ones in India. In the app Howzat, you’re free to choose from the 2 leagues and create your team. You can choose the best ones or the promising ones – it all depends on you! Here, your victory depends on the real-life matches that will ensue. Earn money today and show off your scouting skills!

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Easy sign up – Signing up in this app is as easy as signing up for a social media app. Simply download it and sign up using your mobile number. After that, you can input your name and other relevant info so you can start playing. Enjoy plenty of features today!

Extensive game lobby – Once you download the game, you can then go to the lobby to see different info. There, you will see the upcoming matches, tournaments, teams, players and other info. You can select a sport and a match to join in here. You are free to do what you want as long as you have the app!

Create your dream team – In here, you can create your dream team. You can select the best players from each team into your own. There are plenty of players and teams to choose from in here. Moreover, the app hosts a lot of contests based from popular leagues and tournaments all over the world. This means you can enjoy a lot of matches every day.

howzat apk

Unique scoring system – This app has a unique scoring system which determines your points. Here, the app makes sure that each player’s actions are translated into points to multiply the excitement. There are also plenty of info and you can enjoy the scoring system in the app before joining a match.

Play against real players – Here, you can play against real players worldwide! Enjoy competing with real players and earn real money today.

Download Howzat APK Mod – Latest version

Want to enjoy your favorite sports in a different way? In Howzat, you can create your ultimate cricket and football teams to earn money!

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