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How to Download Super Auto Pets on iOS

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By Ebony Lowe - 20/12/2021

Many games let you enjoy creating strategies to win. These games are simple, but they provide the most challenging gameplay for players.

Many players enjoy these types of games since they can play tons of them right now. New strategy games are being released each day, and one of the most recent ones is Super Auto Pets. In this guide, you’ll learn how you can play it for iOS!

super auto pets mobile ios

This game is a fun auto battler where you can do what you want using pets. You’re able to unlock so many animals here with different skills that you can utilize in battles.

In this game, you’ll play against real players all the time, so you need to be on your toes. You’ll be the one to decide which animals to keep on your team as you fight with others. Then, you just let the game battle it out!

What is Super Auto Pets?

There are a lot of incredible strategy games that you can play and enjoy right now. People who are always playing strategy games can find many enjoyable ones today.

how to play super auto pets on ios

You’re free to download as many fun strategy games as you can find as long as you enjoy them. The strategy genre is broad, so you’ll find many games under that category. With Super Auto Pets, you can enjoy a strategy game involving cute animals as the characters.

This is a fighting game that’s free-to-play and primarily automatic. You’ll only need to decide which animals you’ll put on the team here to win. It would help if you remembered that each animal has different characteristics, effects, and skills.

You’ll need to consider the team synergy, balance, and power to win. That’s why you should always keep your best cards in your team and remove the unnecessary ones. In this game, you’ll be able to collect many animals and battle.

super auto pets ios release date

You can join the Arena Mode to get ten wins or the Versus Mode for real-time competitions. In this game, you can enjoy the colorful graphics and simple controls. You need to watch as your pets fight it out on the field. Then, you can adjust your strategy if needed and fight again.

How to Play Super Auto Pets on iOS

If you want to play Super Auto Pets on iOS, unfortunately, it’s not available as of now. Based on the information we found on the internet, the game hasn’t been announced for iOS yet. You can wait for it to be released, or you can enjoy other similar games!

We’ve prepared a list of games similar to Super Auto Pets that you can try today. These games aren’t 100% similar to the original, but they have a lot of similar elements. Here they are:

how to get super auto pets on ios
  • Card City Nights 2
  • Ascension
  • Decoherence
  • Animal Warfare
  • Zombie Strike
  • Runeverse
  • TrainClicker Idle Evolution
  • Poker Hands
  • Blood Card


Even though Super Auto Pets isn’t available for iOS right now, you can still try the other similar games above! Feel free to enjoy them, as they offer similar play styles, genres, and graphics today. You can also wait for the game to be published for iOS.

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