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Housing App
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Housing App APK will help you find the perfect home quickly, most reliably in India. In addition, Housing App has many other attractive extra features that you may not have seen in any home search app.

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Introduce about Housing App

Make a checklist to find the perfect home!

Those who need renting and/or buying a house should consult the Housing App. After trying it out, you may choose to continue using it or not, but at least when you experience it, you will know what criteria you should really use when finding a home. For me, this is a perfect checklist for all home needs.

As for why I say this checklist is perfect, let’s see the following interesting points of this application.

Housing App helps you find a house of an identified owner

I often hear the word “identified owner” when it comes to real estate. It has an important meaning as if you don’t find the right house of an identified owner, you will get yourself into a lot of trouble. If you rent a house through intermediaries, you will face some risks: Fraudulent rental agreement, not verifying the right to use the properties in the house, and invalid rental agreement if the right owner does not agree to the agreement… These problems are not easy to deal with. They will lead to many consequences that consume a lot of money and time.

When using the Housing App, you will find that all the houses here are in the name of the right owner. So, whether you rent or buy it, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the right person. And the legal issues are no longer stressful. The input of the information at the Housing App has been verified, helping to avoid any risk.

This is the point I am extremely grateful for in a real estate application.

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Search by all needs, so that life in the new home is the most convenient

In addition to the basic filtering tools that any real estate app has (such as searching by price, by geographical area, by color, by house type), Housing App also has a bunch of on-demand searches that will shock you. You will realize that the concept of finding your house in the past has turned out to be ridiculously simple. 

For example, you can search with Landmark Search: find houses near important roads, or houses that meet the criteria: near bus stops, near schools, near hospitals, near markets…

For example, you can find a fully furnished home with a furniture value in a preselected range of price. Like finding a house in the ABC area, full of furniture, and the furniture price is about 15k dollars. Very detailed, right?

You can search for houses even by the criteria of some special amenities available. For example, a house must have a front yard, a balcony, and a back garden. Or you can search by the age of that property: the hundred-year house, the new house, or the ten-year house passed by two owners…).

Housing App must require so much input information, right? So that the search results output can provide such an amount of information. Obviously, in addition to the investment of time and effort, Housing App also provides a range of the most thorough information. If anyone has bad intentions or doesn’t really understand the house they own, it is impossible to provide this information.

High-quality images, and even home tour videos

Another feature that I like about the Housing App is its reliability in terms of images. Have you ever been annoyed when you see the posts of renting or selling a house, but the pictures are too few and blurry and dark? And then you must get to the place to see and leave it with disappointment?

Anyone who has had such a dissatisfying experience, when looking at the data of each house in the Housing App, will have to give a compliment. In this app, only high-quality images are allowed to update, only a fixed number of pictures must be enough to be approved, and even a video tour of the house is required to help users best visualize the property before making a final decision.

Download Housing App APK for Android

In general, in the Housing App, everything is available. If you intend to go to India to stay, the Housing App is the first thing you should install on your device. And if you do not, downloading it to refer to their home search checklist is also a good experience.

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