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House Paint MOD APK v1.4.20 (Unlimited Gems)

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Description of House Paint MOD APK

Hey guys, if you are looking for an app or game where you can show your creativity by painting white walls, then this is the one for you.

House painting is one of the best games where you can kill time and show your creativity. It is a Puzzle game where you need to paint every block on the house.

House Paint MOD APKHouse Paint MOD APK

House Paint

House Paint

Game NameHouse Paint
PublisherSayGames Ltd
Latest Versionv1.4.20
Size44 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedJuly 06, 2022

You can freely use your paint brush and color every block of the house according to your preference. There are all sorts of colors from which you can choose from a wide range of lively options.

How to use House Paint MOD APK?

The strategy you need to use while using house paint is very simple, where you need to see your creativity on blocks of the white house. For a new player, he just needs to swipe her finger in any direction, and it will paint that area of color you have selected.

You need to make sure that while painting the blogs, you do not hit obstacles in your way. House paint is a fun game and an element of challenges that you will face as you pass the levels.

As you move up the levels, you will move from small houses to big mansions. This makes house paint a relaxing but fun game where you need to challenge yourself with increasing difficulty levels.

Download House Paint MOD APKDownload House Paint MOD APK

Special features of House paint Game

  • Catching and investment-worthy

You should know that playing with house paint is very interesting and you will not get bored. This makes this game a catching application as it will be worth your investment of time.

Players can play this game for hours because there are many levels, and it will become challenging as you climb up the level. Therefore, this is one of the special features of house paint you should know.

  • Addictive and progressive

As we have mentioned, you can climb up the levels by passing the challenges. This keeps a player invested in the game, and it becomes addictive, and you will not feel bored while playing it. The graphics and progressive nature of this game make it even more convenient for players who are looking for a reliable game to play in their free time.

How to download House Paint MOD APK?

Now you can download the House Paint MOD APK from our website easily as well as free of charge.

Download House Paint MOD APK

How to Install House Paint MOD APK?

Once you click on download, the APK mod version of house paint will start downloading, and you can click on install. After clicking on install, the APK mod version will start getting installed on your device. This is how you download & install the APK mod version of House paint.


Do you have to purchase the mod apk version of house paint?

The answer to this question is No, as there is no need for you to pay single money. You can simply download the mod APK version of house paint and start playing.

Can you use all colors on the House paint mod apk?

The answer to this question is yes, as there is no restriction on using colors while playing house paint. Players are free to use any color of their choice to paint the blocks and level up with increasing difficulty.


To conclude, we highly recommend you to check out the APK mod version of house paint, where you can have a great time showing off your creativity and passing the time. This game will keep you invested and intact as it has many levels which you would find challenging.

House Paint MOD APK v1.4.20 (Unlimited Gems)

House Paint Logo

Now you can download the House Paint MOD APK from our website easily as well as free of charge.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game

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