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If you still have some spare time in the day and don’t know how to use them effectively, download HotSchedules APK to use. This amazing app will help you a lot.

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Introduce about HotSchedules

Effective teamwork app when working offline or online!

HotSchedules is an application that helps to organize work by the time of day, the app will make the most of your time, suggest alternating tasks, and intelligently organize them to optimize it conveniently and feasibly. For both busy or not users, this is always an extremely useful application.

Useful features

If you are working in an office, how can HotSchedules help you? First and perhaps the most powerful in the list of features of the application is the Tracking feature, the app will track the progress of your work fastly, simply, and in an up-to-date way. Just add the projects you are participating in with your team members, as team leaders, whenever a member updates a new status, you will always receive detailed notifications about it.

HotSchedules also can self-assemble the details into one. The whole project will appear, be complete, and updated for you and the members to see and keep track of the work.

HotSchedules will always take care of the Management and create a reasonable schedule for the whole group and each individual, based on the latest and most detailed requirements in the work. Of course, you can freely customize, change shifts, work orders before and after if needed. Just simply touch drag back and forth on the timeline or edit the date and time of the job and you can change.

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Optimize time of day

One of the features that made me stop worrying and just choose HotSchedules is the feature to help optimize the time for the day. By arranging tasks in an orderly schedule, HotSchedules will visually show you your remaining free time of the day.

The app will actively arrange all the tasks that are available during the day and at the same time always send you a notification. This kind of evocative reminder will help to direct users to use their free time more usefully and effectively.

At work, HotSchedules also helps create a list of all the members on the team corresponding to each specific project. Just click call or text to be able to contact immediately with the whole team without having to do it manually like before.

Data aggregation and smart tables feature

In the process of working, when there are figures, progress, report tables, or statistics reported by members, HotSchedules will automatically summarize and divide these documents into the correct time slot with a note of the sender so that the whole group, especially the leader, can follow it easily. From now on, you don’t need to spend time reviewing each project. With HotSchedules, you can manage your work in a better way.

Especially if there is the same file type, the same format, and has an edit from the tabulator, HotSchedules will also quickly mark and compare the difference before and after so that the viewer can evaluate the change and authenticity of the information. This is a very useful feature if you often work with projects with lots of timelines and numbers.

Sync between different devices

Not only on mobile devices, but you can also download HotSchedules on other devices to use, as long as the same user account, the app will automatically synchronize your data. No matter where you are, whatever device you’re using, you will always get the information and progress on every job. This feature is also not too special because it is also in many mobile task schedulers. But this synchronization in HotSchedules is done very carefully and in detail. Regarding this part, I don’t know how other apps are, but in HotSchedules, you can be completely assured, the sync data is not wrong in the slightest.

The calendar on HotSchedules is even synchronized with the Calendar on your phone, so you can read a lot of information from many different places or be reminded on your home interface.

Download HotSchedules APK frê for Android

In short, HotSchedules is a very great communication and teamwork app. The interface is simple, easy to use, and easy to read. This app is so suitable to work online or want to fully exploit all of your free time.

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