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Hospital Empire Tycoon

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Hospital Empire Tycoon MOD APK is a simulation game about Hospital management. In the game, you will participate in the operation and close monitoring of every detail for profitability and sustainable development for the hospital, making it the most famous hospital in the region.

Introduce about Hospital Empire Tycoon

Be the best Hospital manager!

What is Hospital Empire Tycoon about?

Hospital Empire Tycoon will allow you to control the entire hospital. Doing this job well, you will not only gain great profits and turn the hospital into a reliable address for all citizens in the city, but also help save the lives of many people. It is a job that requires both reason and emotion, both reasonable business strategy and humanity.

Economically efficient hospital management

Based on the hospital’s existing reputation, you will fully exploit the existing departments and strengths to open more economic potential for the future.

A great hospital needs to have different departments such as radiology, traumatology, infirmary, and emergency room. There should be a fully equipped waiting room, and the best operating room to manage the general activities and the particular activities of each functional area.

You need to have a specific plan and roadmap to reinvest your hospital income most prudently. When making a plan, you also need to consider the balance between the Improvement of existing sites/facilities and new reinvestment in new areas. By maintaining existing strengths and expanding advantages in the future, you can ensure the long-term path of the hospital.

The right business strategy for the hospital is also reflected in the ability to increase the number of patients, with great advantages at each time. Try to reduce wait times and be an extremely skilled or specialized specialist in major surgeries. You need to explore all the possibilities to bring the best strategic economic advantage to the hospital.

Handle emergencies well

The emergency is one of the things that frequently causes congestion and becomes a problem for every hospital. Every time you successfully take care of a patient urgently, you will receive attractive rewards. Handling these situations requires good management of the time, the right team, and coordination. So that always, the hospital is ready for stressful events with enough ambulances, specialist doctors and nurses, and aides for the hospital emergency ward.

Remember, the more patients you treat in difficult situations, the more rewards you will get.

Manage employees

As a Hospital Manager, you need to be a worthy boss and be able to create the best working environment for all departments. The human factor is very important. Under you are a team of specialists such as good doctors, nurses, aides, skilled ambulance drivers and administrative staff, executives, junior managers, receptionists, cleaning staff, guards…

Salaries, bonuses, and incentives all need to be reasonable, following the qualifications, skills, and functions of each person. A good manager needs to consider all details of the current hospital to decide on the number of professionals and staff to hire so as not to exceed the operating budget and the hospital will not fall into a shortage of employees.

Manage the investment 

One of the hospital’s important sources of revenue lies in investors. You will choose to work with whom, and in what form. You decide to become part of a large economic group or just part of their investment. The decision is up to you. But it is necessary to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each management model. If you make the right use of these outside sources of investment, you will have financial security and not be passive in important times.

The goal of the game is to turn a fairly modest-sized medical clinic into the best hospital in the city, more broadly in the area. You do it by unlocking new technologies, investments, and equipment to have more patients and more experiences, and gradually upgrade the hospital.

Summary of the main features of Hospital Empire Tycoon

  • A management simulation that combines casual gameplay and strategic requirements, suitable for everyone, even newbies who play the genre for the first time
  • Attractive reward system of Emergency Room
  • The management system that is detailed and full of aspects like real life
  • Dozens of objects are waiting for you to unlock and upgrade
  • Many interesting interactive characters on the hospital campus
  • Attractive 3D graphics with vivid, rhythmic shapes
  • Help players learn how to manage a successful business, and balance between resources and investments inside and out.

MOD APK version of Hospital Empire Tycoon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Increase when you spend.

Download Hospital Empire Tycoon APK & MOD for Android

Hospital Empire Tycoon is a pretty good game. With the game, you have a miniature world that opens fully with many facets, which gives you, the Hospital Manager, the opportunity to experience all of those works in real life. 

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