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Horoscopes 2022 ( (Ad-supported)

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Generate custom horoscope profiles for yourself or for your friends by relying on this lightweight application that comes with various customization options

Birthdays or other similar special occasions usually involve gifts or other tokens of appreciation. Instead of buying them, you can opt for crafting personalized content, thus making it possible to customize your gifts according to your preference.

If you find yourself in the situation above, Horoscopes might be what you are looking for, as it provides you with a handful of functions that can help you create customized gifts.

Lightweight application with user-friendly interface

This application comes with a non-complicated layout that allows even novices to understand and access its functions without difficulty.

It does not include any form of integrated help documentation, therefore, your experience while operating this program might be based on trial and error. Additionally, no standard configuration window, pane or menu is provided, given that most of this utility's functions can be customized from the main window.

Create simple horoscope profiles that include fun facts

You can generate personalized horoscope profiles without great efforts by relying on this application, as it provides you with various tools. The main window allows you to choose your favorite style from a quite limited selection of items.

After specifying the most suitable one, you can proceed with editing personal information that includes name, gender and birthdate. Upon doing so, you can hit the Search button so that the application can search for additional fun facts that you can include within your scroll.

Download extra scroll styles and customize various elements

If you want, you can download additional style packs by accessing the corresponding option from the Styles menu. Additionally, it is possible to adjust various elements of your document, allowing you to further customize it according to your needs. Among the customizable items, you can find style, font, glyph, birthstone and branding.

To sum it up, Horoscopes is a lightweight, handy application that allows you to create and print personalized horoscope profiles for yourselves or for someone else. However, note that it does not come with any form of help documentation.

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