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Honeycam 3.46 Build 24348 / 4.0 Build 25966 Beta 14 (Demo)

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Create animated GIF files by recording videos of your desktop, then applying a wide range of effects, resizing and cropping the result

What's new in Honeycam 3.46 Build 24348:

Fixed bugs that artificial blocks or lines occasionally appear when saving as WebP. Improved the image quality when the image quality (Q) option is low. (However, for some videos, the size of the generated WebP file can be increased compared to that of previous versions.) Fixed the bug that the Resize dialog doesn't show up after the width or height value is set to 0.

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Honeycam is a comprehensive software solution that comes in handy when you want to create animated GIF files and enhance them with a wide range of effects.

Alternatively, you can also modify GIF or WebP files that you already store on your computer, or you can import static images and combine them into a custom-made animation.

Capture open windows or a desktop region

If you want to create a new animated file, you can start by recording the activity on your desktop, then adding various enhancements.

You can either record the entire desktop or a region that you prefer, or you can capture one of the currently running apps – the latter method can be of great use if you want to create an animated tutorial or a demonstration.

Delay animation speed and add watermarks

Once you select the source file, Honeycam can play it while also offering you the possibility to pause and analyze certain frames at your pace. Moreover, you can customize the delay for all frames, as well as alter the overall speed so that the animation runs 10% slower or faster.

When it comes to adding the watermark, you have two choices: text or image. You can change the text font, size and color, along with selecting the color of the drop shadow. If you choose the image watermark, you can not only load the graphic file you need, but you can also specify the watermark’s position and adjust the margins.

Overlay graphic filters to the generated GIF

You can not only resize or crop the newly-created animation, but you can also beautify it by applying one of the numerous filters it features. You can preview each one in real-time, as soon as you click it, so you can keep the one you like best within seconds.

All in all, Honeycam can help you make animated GIF files with as little effort as possible, even if you are not an expert PC user.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONA watermark is displayed on the generated image The recording time is limited to 10 seconds You cannot change of background color outside frame

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