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HomeGuard Pro 10.1.1 (Trial)

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Keep track of the web activity and block inappropriate content for the computers you are monitoring in your network using this app

Granted, in the vast majority of cases, your employees are very likely to goof off watching videos on YouTube or sharing images from Reddit or Imgur. Without denying that small breaks are advisable, sometimes these activities can lead to a loss of productivity or worse, a costly harassment lawsuit from staff members who feel offended by the content shared on the company's PCs.

HomeGuard Pro is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to monitor and manage the use of computers in a network in stealth mode and without the possibility to be bypassed by proxies.

Enables you to records everything to the very detail

The highlight of the application stems from the wide variety of elements it can record and this includes private chat messages between employees, emails sent and received, USB devices connected, bandwidth use, mouse clicks and the keystrokes typed in each program. Moreover, it takes random snapshots of the desktop that you can check out when you are short on time.

You should know that the program does not need too much configuration and that it stores all of the aforementioned types of data by default. In case you want to want to block content and website usage, then you can easily do so by accessing the Settings.

Helps you monitor computer usage remotely

A further noteworthy feature of the utility is that you can view the records on all computer in the network remotely, so you do not have to access employees PCs at all. In fact, the app keeps main logs that are automatically synchronized with the ones on the other computers. In case you are worried about their size or about them being accessed and modified, then you can rest assured that they are stored compressed and come with 256-bit strong encryption.

Last, but not least important, the tool works in stealth mode and cannot be bypassed using proxy servers. Despite the fact that the users cannot close or uninstall it, you can set the app to display warnings when they are attempting to access web content or local files that are blocked.

A monitoring tool that keeps you on top of every situation

In the eventuality that you want to come up with an effective strategy to boost performance in your company, but you cannot pinpoint the cause of low productivity, then HomeGuard Pro might be the tool you need to help you identify sources to improve or eliminate.

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