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Hockey Scoreboard Pro 3.0.1 (Demo)

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Simulate a realistic hockey scoreboard on your computer by using this handy application that comes with multiple customization options

If you are in charge of managing a sports arena or hosting an important sports event, you might need help with accessing the scoreboard in an efficient and convenient manner. You can resort to using specialized software, such as Hockey Scoreboard Pro, that can help you configure it to the tiniest detail.

User-friendly interface

This handy utility packs a simple layout that encompasses unsophisticated functions, thus enabling you to understand it without great efforts and use it as soon as you are done installing it.

When you first run it, two windows are displayed: one of them is used to display certain information during the match, such as score, period time and penalties, while the other one allows you to modify the aforementioned data.

Numerous customization options

Hockey Scoreboard Pro provides you with multiple ways of personalizing your scoreboard, ranging from changing preset text values to adding custom logos and sounds to be used at certain moments.

For instance, it is possible to choose colors for almost every element, set default period or timeout lengths, switch between various digit types and define custom keyboard shortcuts to enhance accessibility.

Instantly display changes

The control window makes it possible to display changes as soon as you modify them. You can use it to set various timers, modify scores, flash goal events and even add penalty details, such as time and player name.

In addition, you can play buzzing sounds for fouls and horn audio effects for goals or finished periods. Every preset sound effect can be replaced with a custom WAV file on your PC via the configuration window.

Useful scoreboard application

In conclusion, if you are in need of a program that simulates a scoreboard, offers multiple customization options and comes with an intuitive user interface, Hockey Scoreboard Pro might be the software you are looking for.

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