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Android 4.4

Hibernator MOD APK is an app that helps you to stop all running apps automatically when the screen is turned off to save battery, improve the performance of your phone.

Introduce about Hibernator

Hibernator helps you to “hibernate” your device: close everything every time the screen turns off to save battery

When should the phone “hibernate”?

Your phone keeps many apps running in the background, which is consuming your system resources, and as a result draining your battery and reducing the available memory. So sometimes you need to close apps every time the screen is turned off to save the battery power and improve the performance of your phone. Hibernator will help you to do that easily.

What specifically does Hibernator help improve?

Many of you have the habit of opening many tabs on laptops, through mobile phones and tablets also maintain this habit.

When your phone has too many apps and websites open at once, whether you’re using them intentionally or not, they’re still open on the device. Therefore, it consumes system resources, consumes a certain amount of memory space, and also drains the battery more. The drain on the battery is not said, but opening many of these applications especially makes the device sluggish, over time will damage the available memory and lead to operational stagnation.

Hibernator Premium
Hibernator MOD by APKMODY
Hibernator for Android

Hibernator’s purpose is to improve phone performance and minimize unnecessary battery drain by automatically or intentionally closing applications every time the screen is off. Thereby will increase these 5 elements of the device:

  • Phone booster: allows you to speed up your phone when it runs slow due to many apps running in the background.
  • Free up memory: end tasks and processes, clean RAM and handle garbage along the way to help the device smoother and operate more efficiently.
  • Saving battery.
  • Cooldown the phone. Closing apps will help to cool down phone temperature and reduce CPU usage.
  • Make space for new apps: By freeing up RAM by shutting down apps, Hibernator makes more room for the apps you need to download later.

What mechanism does Hibernator work on?

To achieve the above 5 main goals, Hibernator will simultaneously perform the following operations:

  • Close all running applications
  • Close background tasks and servicesAutomatically close the application when the screen is off
  • Supports user apps and system apps
  • Widgets
  • Shortcuts

In some special cases, Hibernator even acts as an Accessibility app. This is a great automated solution for users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue who have difficulty interacting with the screen, especially when performing complex repetitive tasks like closing multiple discrete apps one at a time.


Hibernator is quite highly automated. It will automatically close running applications. Thereby saving time, effort, and repetitions of annoying manual closing operations.

There are many operations and automatic processing quite a lot, but Hibernator still gives users the option to choose.

Hibernator requires accessibility service permission to be able to close other apps or you can choose to retrieve active window content to find the force close button in the system settings, then simulate the click action.

You can also request permission to modify system settings so that the screen can be turned off after the hibernation operation is completed.

In addition, users can observe actions related to the interface to guide the process of automating the application closing task by monitoring the transition between windows during interface interaction simulation.

MOD APK version of Hibernator

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Hibernator APK & MOD for Android

Hibernator is useful for people with disabilities when every operation on the phone is too difficult. Anyone can need this application because of its powerful RAM cleaning and battery-saving capabilities.

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