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Heroes of Valhalla

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Heroes of Valhalla
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Heroes of Valhalla APK, in my opinion, is one of the rare mobile games that can be classified as a super product. The gameplay is traditional but the deep content, attractive anime-like visuals, and the way to connect all the details and progress will make it difficult for anyone to forget it.

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Introduce about Heroes of Valhalla

Welcome, mighty Jarl, to Heroes of Valhalla!

Not rare but strange

You know, turn-based fighting games are not uncommon, but it is a bit difficult to find a game that has all the talents, and in which, everyone is powerful and colorful. And if you are looking for a long list of super modern 2.5D-graphic anime heroes, let’s play Heroes of Valhalla with me.

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True to the name “Heroes”, you will meet not one or a few heroes but a long list of them. Heroes from legends, myths, folk from Asia to Europe and America all gather here. You have to be shocked. You know, a big name like Marvel can only merge two or three universes, but in Heroes of Valhalla, the universes seem to be flat and the heroes run back and forth through many spaces. If you don’t like one, you can choose another, no problem. You can come across Thomas Edison, Red Riding Hood, Cleopatra, Date Masamune… and many more shocking names. They seem to have nothing to do with each other but after all, they are in the same game, so how do they fight?

And yet, two more facts show that once again, everything in here seems to have nothing to do with each other. First, the game takes place in a medieval setting. Next, no matter which character you choose, your role is always a mighty Viking leader. Wow. Have you been excited to hear this? If not, let me tell you more about the gameplay of this strange game.


Actually, the core gameplay of Heroes of Valhalla is Tower Defense combined with role-playing and construction. These two genres are nothing new, but the personality of each hero character and the way you handle many different situations in the game will make for an unprecedented experience. According to the game form, it is clear that the player’s task is to focus on recruiting, building strength, protecting his land, and always expanding his territory, building a series of residential clusters and villages that are strong both in the economy and in defense.

Starting the game, you have rural land on the coast of Kattegat with residents living peacefully. And as a leader, you know that the surrounding land is very fertile waiting to be further explored. So, from there, you get materials and use labor to proceed with the reclamation of new land, building many verdant villages, and slowly expanding them into a beautiful kingdom.

But since you begin to reclaim land and expand your country, neighboring countries also start to watch over you. When they see the result of your leadership and construction, they will become greedy and will initiate blatant invasions. So, in the process of reclamation, you must choose soldiers, build a solid army for yourself from the very beginning. So that when there is a war, you can defend immediately. You must constantly fend off the attacks of neighboring leaders to protect your vast lands and keep the people at peace, doing business and boosting the national economy.

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All battles in Heroes of Valhalla follow the classic tower defense motif. You are in the center surrounded by soldiers and fortresses. The enemy will in turn find a way to enter the village gate and go deep inside. You must block them before the defenses are weak. Turn-based combat will allow players plenty of time to think, apply or change strategies as needed. You also need to smoothly arrange the types of troops, and the heroes of your army in each war. With each type of invader, the way to arrange the heroes can be different. In general, the principle is to fully promote the strengths of each person, in the right place, at the right time.

Each time you repel the invaders, you will gain heaps of loot and gain increasingly advanced skills. Being both rich and stronger through the wars is a great motivation for players to engage more and more deeply into the story plot.

In multiplayer mode, you can also create alliances with other players to protect your kingdom or change into an attack position to invade other territories. In this mode, the attack/ defense strategy seems to be more flexible, but in my opinion, the level of self-control of everything (from materials, troops to the situation) is also somewhat reduced. Anyway, which game mode to use depends on each person’s preferences and playstyle. Everything is good, and the hero lineup is equally rich.

Super captivating characters and background 

Heroes of Valhalla just uses 2.5D anime-style graphics with meticulous attention to detail. You will many times gasp because the game’s characters are so attractive and delicate. Although there are many heroes, each has its own characteristics, personality, and strength which are partly reflected in its appearance.

Heroes of Valhalla for Android 1440x810

As for the surrounding Medieval scene, it’s too beautiful to talk about. If you play on a tablet or a smartphone with a big screen, you may see the incredibleness. Fierce battles with towering fire pillars, sharp swords, rich villages, endless seas in vast and rich lands… Everything (whether in peace or war) shows up with impeccable color nuances and visuals.

Download Heroes of Valhalla APK for Android

The tower-defense turn-based combat game combines territory building and is featured with a massive cast of characters all in a subtle anime style. If you want to experience the top-notch anime graphics, you must play Heroes of Valhalla right away.

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