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Hero’s Quest

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October 18, 2021 (3 days ago)
Hero’s Quest
Unlimited Money/Tickets/Upgrade Points
Android 5.0

Hero’s Quest MOD APK is a roguelike game that combines RPG with auto-battle, fast-paced, impressive characters, and a series of intense dungeon battles.

Table of contentsIntroduce about Hero’s QuestGameplayDiverse maps and auto battles will make you stronger with each replayGraphics and soundMOD APK version of Hero’s QuestMOD featuresNoteDownload Hero’s Quest APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Hero’s Quest

Cute pocket roguelike game, with auto mode but also very challenging!

Roguelike games are known for being very hard to play. There are just a few players playing this game genre, partly because they are afraid of not having enough experience, the part is afraid that every time they die, they have to play from the beginning, which is very frustrating. If you are just starting and are still curious about this game genre, you should try this Hero’s Quest game. This game has more support so it will be much easier when playing.


Before I start I need to emphasize that Hero’s Quest does not have any manuals. Just need to open and play the game immediately. But during the game, you will gradually discover your abilities and find the most effective fighting style for yourself.

You will play the role of a lovely hero, go around exploring the world, and challenge your fighting ability to reach the highest level in the limited energy range.

Your mission is to reach the highest level as you can to get a lot of gold coins, new weapons, and impressive experience stats.

Heros Quest MOD by APKMODYHeros Quest APK downloadHeros Quest for Android

Because of just one small mistake, you will have to play from the beginning. That is the unmistakable characteristic of roguelike games. Although each time you play again, the context is different, the enemies change randomly, but it will make you feel very frustrated because you have to play from the beginning, and all your efforts are now zero.

Initially, you will have 20 energy points (EP). Trying to maintain or improve this stat so you can get high levels in the game. Every time you beat monsters, you will get gold coins. The more you beat the boss monster, the more money you have and the faster you go on the adventure. The more you win, the faster you level up. The higher the level, the higher your ability to defeat the aggressive monsters encountered on the road.

You will meet many different enemies, each with their own skills and levels. Don’t panic if their level is too high. Just choose your weapons carefully, choose your hero, and slowly fighting, you will eventually be leveled up like them.

A special feature of roguelike games is the Selections. Almost all character items and abilities have multiple options so the player can choose the most suitable one to use. There’s a lot of unique weapons and equipment in Hero’s Quest. The challenge for you is to choose the most suitable item to equip yourself, thereby winning and improving the stats.

Diverse maps and auto battles will make you stronger with each replay

There are many places for you to explore and pass through in Hero’s Quest. This world is not only diverse but also has many minimaps. The player’s combat ability has since been continuously developed, and the challenge and attractiveness have therefore increased continuously.

Although it is a roguelike game, you do not need to be too stressed. The battles in the game take place with a highly automatic mechanism. Just choose the weapon, choose the object, and your character will automatically do the rest from aiming, swinging the weapon, and slashing continuously until it kills the enemy. In general, you don’t need to worry about the details anymore, just focus on the tactical experience, make the right choices and explore the world around you.

Through your strategy and choices after many battles, with a growing squad of monsters, attacking from all sides, through the levels, you will find yourself progressing over time and becoming stronger like a real warrior.

Graphics and sound

Although it is only 2D pixel graphics, the shapes of the heroines appear quite detailed. And this game has a typical chibi style. There are a lot of different monsters, but their shape is very sharp, with their color and shape differently. These two points are small but bring quite a lot of excitement for new players.

The movement of the character when playing is quite flexible with the move button at the bottom of the screen. Just get close to an enemy, the auto-battle will start and the screen will switch to a fight between you and that monster, fight until it runs out of blood and you will win.

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