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Updated on October 12, 2022

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Introduce about Hero Cantare

Webtoon comics are becoming more and more popular as Manga thanks to their unique storylines and professional drawings. The great works that have stormed the online community include the three famous series Tower of God, The God of High School and Hardcore Leveling Warrior. This trilogy even has a game called Hero Cantare. This is an epic superhero role-playing game released by NGEL GAMES. Although recently released, this game has attracted a lot of attention from the original fans as well as the world gaming community.

The story

When participating in Hero Cantare, you will meet familiar heroes such as Twenty – Fifth Bam (the main character of Tower of God), Jin Mori, Han Dae- Wi (The God of High School), Sora, Zero of Hardcore Leveling Warrior and many other side characters. Hero Cantare does not take the plot of any manga; it is built on a new world. The heroes of the three series will be transferred to Tetra. Here, they are tasked with regaining the peace inherent when the sadists and hordes of monsters are trying to take it away.

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More challenges for players

The world of Tetra opens up a large space including towers and dungeons that challenge the player. Instead of bundling things in the series, Hero Cantare has many more beautiful locations – ideal places to level up heroes. During the adventure into the dungeon, the player is free to choose the individual stories of each hero. Everyone has their own story, mystery, and the challenges they face in the dungeon are not the same.

Players will enjoy the story from a completely new perspective compared to the original manga. If you’re tired of dungeon adventures, use your skills and experience to conquer challenging towers. Players need to build themselves a team of ultimate heroes, ready to confront the enemies hiding in those towers to win.

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Not only the default missions, but Hero Cantare also provides players with many other attractive competitive modes. Players can choose PvP or 3v3 mode to demonstrate their ability and strength in large arenas. There were other players from many parts of the world, opening up a fierce competition. Form your own clan, recruit members and strive to become the most powerful guild.

Hero Cantare not only gathers a large number of heroes, but also has the appearance of evil villains from three famous manga series. Winning against strong opponents will receive huge rewards including gold coins and memory stones.

Transition Quest

At the main menu, there are 6 basic tasks, suitable for new players who are familiar with the operation of Hero Cantare. Completing all 6 of these tasks, your skills will improve significantly (don’t forget to pay attention to complete specific tasks from time to time).

Above all, every time the player completes the mission, the player also receives a series of attractive and extremely useful rewards for the development of the character. Completing all 6 missions, you will receive a special version of Bam – Black March Bam.

Hero Awakening

Heroes in Hero Cantare are divided into strength by level, the strongest are SS level heroes. Players can strengthen them by equipping them with weapons, armor, and skill stats. However, if you want to upgrade the hero’s strength quickly and most strongly, there is only one way, which is to awaken the hero.

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Go to the awakening tree, use special stones to activate the awakening tree, it will give the hero a bunch of stats, unlock artifacts or even a new ability. But, to awaken a hero is quite expensive and requires a lot of special stones, so it is advised to only do it on SS heroes to get the most out of the ability.


Different from current role-playing fighting games, Hero Cantare impresses players with the true 2D style of comics. Although the graphics are not too sharp and elaborate, the publisher still tries to take care of their “brainchild” ​to give players the best experience. In addition, the epic background music is also a big plus to express the fierce level of the battles, inspiring players

Download Hero Cantare APK for Android

I appreciate how this game works. It’s engaging and brings a breath of fresh air to the role-playing genre, making me unable to stop spending time trying to “break” it. The journey is still there, still ongoing in Hero Cantare. Download the game and start your experience now!

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