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Heimer 2.8.0 (GPLv3)

11 months ago 33

Create intricate yet minimalist-looking mind maps with the help of this lightweight application that boosts response times that make it seem like a mobile app

What's new in Heimer 2.8.0:

New features: Fix GitHub Issue #173: Being able to paste and create a node right-away Pasting text to Heimer will create a new node with that text Pasting image data e.g. from Gimp to Heimer will create a new node with that image

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In an age where work is done using the mind rather than the muscle, and the measure of someone's worth is their ability to process as much information as possible, it is no wonder that there are many tips and tricks as to how to handle as much information as possible easily. One such tip or trick is organizing information in a way that makes it easier to retain, such as with diagrams. One neat diagram form is the mind map, and it is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. Due to their importance in learning, it is no wonder that there are now applications dedicated solely towards creating them, one of them being Heimer.

Create mind maps with just a few mouse clicks

The first thing you'll notice when using the app is how well it looks and behaves overall,  since it boasts an easy-to-use UI, nice animations, the ability to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel in case the mind maps are extremely small or too intricate to fit into the screen and many other visual features. Given that organizing information is important, mistakes can be cumbersome, so you have the option of undoing or redoing actions that were taken.

Mind maps that are complex and colorful, not dull

Each node of a mind map can be colored, and the color palette itself is quite extensive, even allowing you to create your shades and tints from the app's color wheel. Nodes can be interconnected in any number of ways, and there is also no limit as to how many other nodes can branch out from the main one, allowing you to create mind maps that are extremely complex, such as family trees that go back hundreds of years.

A great tool for creating efficient mind maps

Heimer is lightweight; it can read and edit ALZ files created in other similar software tools, as well as XML-based mind maps, making it great to work with in conjunction with other tools. If organizing your job is your job, or helps with your job, then Heimer is definitely an app you should take into consideration.

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