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Hacker or Dev Tycoon?

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Hacker or Dev Tycoon? MOD APK is where you will have to decide your career path: become a Developer – A talented programmer who can create a lot of valuable software products that help the world. Or become a dangerous Hacker, outlawed and always a threat to the international cyber community. Two paths, two lives, and two different outcomes.

Introduce about Hacker or Dev Tycoon?

Choose to be a talented Dev or a dangerous Hacker!

Just like the strange similarity between Batman and Joker, few people know many cases of Angels – Devils, Good-Evil, Good – Bad all from the same “cradle”. From the same starting point, they all have the same talent and absorb the same amount of knowledge. But because of a different perspective on life, leads to a different way and goal in the end. From there it splits in two different directions. What is useful in the world is called Good, and what is dangerous is called Evil.

Similarly, in the IT field, there are two opposing schools: True Developer and Dangerous Hacker. They were both excellent individuals when it came to acquiring knowledge of programming, but for many reasons, when they were fully-fledged, they had different life orientations. That’s when these two opposing components come in. Want to understand how that process works? What happens when you choose one of two paths to take? All details will be answered in Hacker or Dev Tycoon.

What is Hacker or Dev Tycoon?

Hacker or Dev Tycoon is a work and life simulation game. In the game you can choose one of two paths: Become a good Dev or a famous Hacker, choose to enter the path of a cybercriminal, or work as a professional programmer, creating products that benefit people and stop hackers. The series of choices and events that follow, including the turning points and milestones of life, is therefore different.

No matter which direction you choose, that different life will have completely different goals and the way to achieve and reach the goal, accordingly.

As a talented Dev, you will use your programming talent to create useful applications and make firewalls to protect the vast cyberspace, your sworn enemy is hackers.

If you are a Hacker, your goal is to scour every corner of the internet, finding holes to get in and disrupt the world. A large website is hacked, the online community is bewildered, a secret is leaked, it makes you satisfied and enjoys your results in happiness.

Thus, there will be two different lives, two jobs with completely different goals. One is to perform programming operations to serve illegal activities. The second is to use them to protect the vast and dangerous cyberspace.


The Hacker or Dev Tycoon game will begin by introducing the main character to the player. It’s a novice programmer with little experience and not yet clear about his direction. You will accompany him to overcome many programming challenges. Then choose one of two paths to progress: become a Hacker or a Dev.

First choice: Hacker. You will perform many infiltration missions, stealing information and property from all over the network environment. The missions are getting bigger and bolder, so much so that at the mention of your name, the whole world is afraid.

Second choice: become a white hat programmer. You will focus on creating life-critical applications and solving problems related to unauthorized access and security. Use your programming skills to destroy the virus that threatens to affect the internet of all mankind.

Whichever direction you choose, there are quite similar upgrade paths. As your programming skills increase, so does your ability to have a large-scale impact. Upskilling also means the ability to conquer many difficult roles, crack many large websites, and even for hackers who can steal data, change its content or delete it completely.

As skills increase, your living conditions and income will also change. Better computers, more comfortable working space, more superficial premises. With Dev, you can later open a company to do a programming business. Hackers can hire more to form a professional hacker group, receive jailbreak contracts from anonymous customers and slowly progress to more dangerous levels.

Mastery and going up with large scale projects

From an amateur programmer, you dreamed of becoming a world power programmer. It is not enough to cultivate study and work diligently, you also need large-scale projects to create “hits”. Hackers will find ways to break into simple software, then knock down many important national and international websites, or even rob big banks… Next, challenge different groups of hackers and challenge other hackers and Devs from all over the world.

Dev then will start with small personal software projects and games, then make huge money from many huge programming projects. The highest step is to set up your own programming company and make it the top trusted place for businesses.

No matter which way you choose, or where you are aiming, all you have to overcome are complicated lines of code, and dry statements but unexpected changes. With these big highlights, both hackers and devs will gradually become more proficient at their work, gradually moving up the ladder of fame and closer to their big goals in life.

MOD APK version of Hacker or Dev Tycoon?

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Paid Content

Download Hacker or Dev Tycoon? APK & MOD for Android

Being a programmer has never been easy. For a good programmer, having to choose between becoming a Hacker or a Dev is sometimes even more difficult because each direction has its own appeal. Choose to walk in the light or walk in the dark, it all depends on your initial choice for the character.

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