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Guild of Heroes MOD APK v1.121.2 (High Damage/Free Diamond) Updated October 2021

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Description of Guild of Heroes MOD APK

What is Guild of Heroes MOD APK? The Guild of heroes is the famous Nordic Myths and Renowned Fold tales story. You might have heard the fairy tale story in your childhood. Evil forces and the crafty goblins hurting innocent people.

Guild of Heroes MOD APKGuild of Heroes MOD APK

The Guild of heroes taking you back to your childhood in the fantasy world of role-playing games. Face the goblins and monsters in the legendary fight. Defeat their bosses and free the land.

 Action Rollenspiele Abenteuer

 Action Rollenspiele Abenteuer

Game NameGuild of Heroes: Magic RPG | Wizard game
GenreRole Playing
Latest Versionv1.121.2
Size140 MB
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage/Free Diamond
Platforms4.4 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 20, 2021

The game is developed for hardcore RPG fans. You will enjoy the action and adventure-packed game sequences. Join other gamers in the exciting fight and face the evil forces. Protect the land and its people from the evil force.

Grab your swords and move ahead defeating the attack and climb the ladder of success. Fulfill your duty to protect the world and kill the evil monsters before they terrorize the land.

You have the option to choose your heroes. Explore the addictive RPG gameplay. Protect your heroes as you face the rapid fire of the RPG challenge, equip yourself with the amazing gears., and develop your character as you move ahead in the path. Understand the situation and plan your move to defeat the enemies.

How to Play Guild of Heroes MOD APK?

You will be one of the solider of the Gild of heroes. Join the community and begin your journey. You are given the mission to participate. The system will guide you during the process to make the gameplay easy.

The game has 25 different lands to select. All of them are filled with dense forests. You will be going through the mysterious land with dungeons, dark caves, and unexpected attacks.

Every move that you take would take you closer to the enemy force. These lands are ruled by powerful bosses. Defeat them before they will kill you and unlock the quest sequence and open the next map.

As you gain more power after defeating the bosses, use the earn rewards to upgrade the character, acquire new weapons and shields to protect you from the attack. Learn a new skill to fight effectively.

The control of the game is simple and doesn’t require much effort to learn. Touch the screen to make a move and use the virtual screen touch to move forward and backward. At the bottom of the screen find the various combat skill and operations. Choose the skill according to the enemy.

It will allow you to launch an attack. Controls are places nearby so it will help you to make a quick move. Moreover, the system has auto-play options. If your hands are tired and want to hand the game for a while, you can turn on the auto play and the game will continue until you take a break.

Whenever there is a monster around, it attacks the monster and saves your character.

Guild of Heroes Unlimited Diamonds Mod apkGuild of Heroes Unlimited Diamonds Mod apk

Features of Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Addictive RPG Gameplay:

Android gamer would love the game as it has many unique experiences during the game that makes the person continue playing the game. You are free to explore the vast world of the new enemy land. Every mission is interesting and rewarding as you pass the land. Unlock the new power and ability as you take control over the new land.

Your heroes would gain new experience, skills that would be useful in the next round of the game. Choose the powerful items from the inventory to improve your fighting capability. The game offers a wide range of RPG elements.

Choose Different Characters and Classes:

Every character in the game posses’ unique power and fighting skill. Choose the powerful character and make you win the fight effectively. You can easily jump from one character to another according to your need and select the best one for the particular map.

There is a range of development paths that you can choose to upgrade your skill during the game. Every hero has been given the ability to choose between the different classes with ease.

People who enjoy the game play in the conservative ways of fighting can go with the mega or hunter path. Others can join the straightforward fight and play in the attacking mode.

Every fight you win, you will be rewarded with suitable points and stats. Use them for skill development and enhance your ability to fight. Switch your character between different classes and pick up new sets of equipment.

Upgrade your weapon:

Fight without a weapon is incomplete. You are given the option to choose a wide range of weapons from the arsenal. Some weapons would be locked and can be accessed using the money. Every fight you win, you will be rewarded with the reward money. Use that to buy the weapon and upgrade your character.

Enjoy the game with friends and online players:

You can either join the game with your friends or participate in the online multiplayer game. Both options are exciting and give you a real-time experience of the gameplay. Play with real people, make your team, and defeat the monster to win the fight.

Tips & Tricks

Choosing Class:

It is essential to choose the right class for your gameplay. There is a total of three classes from which you can choose one. Each class strong and possess unique features. Choose from Wizard, Warrior, and Archer.

Connect to Facebook:

Always focus on acquiring free goodies from the game. Connecting to the Facebook account would give you rewards. The game offers 15 Diamonds when you successfully connect to the Facebook account.

Log in every day:

The game offers exciting rewards to the user when they login to their account every day. Encash the reward by simply log in and collecting the rewards. It will get added to your total fund and you can later use the fund to acquire new skills and weapons.

Keep moving:

Do not stop at a single point and become an easy target to the enemy. Keep moving even the enemy is not around. Keep tapping back and forth and wait for the enemy to come to the view.

Get the best gears:

The gear helps you to protect yourself from the enemy. Look for the gear and its features. Prepare yourself for the tuff enemy and make an easy move when the time arrives with the help of the gear.


How to character customization on Guild of Heroes?

You can customize your character using armor and costume parts. Select the parts of the costume and apply them to your character. Use the head part or keep the default head. Remember that the character customization is visible to you. Others see what you have in costume, armor, and other parts.

How to increase power level on Guild of Heroes?

Upgrading your character using the gear will boost your power level. It will support you to improve your power score.

Can I play Guild of Heroes MOD APK on PC?

Yes. It is possible to play the Guild Of Heroes mod apk on your PC. You would have to download the android emulator to run the APK application on your computer. The emulator creates a suitable environment on the PC, giving you the advantage to run any android operating system-supported game on the PC.

Features of Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Enjoy Unlimited Purchase:

With the Guild of Heroes MOD APK, you will be able to purchase unlimited resources. No limit on what you purchase or how much you purchase. You have access to all the premium packages, equipment, gear to acquire with the click of the button. No skill delay and many interesting hacks are offers to the player.

No Ads:

Get rid of the annoying ads using the Guild of Heroes MOD APK. The ads are disabled in the Guild of Heroes MOD APK files, so you can enjoy the gameplay with no disturbing ads popping on your screen while you play the game.

Free to Play:

With all the exciting offers and rewards points, your gameplay is available for free to play. Being said that, you will be never asked for the payment to upgrade or acquire new skills using the paid service. Download the game and enjoy all the premium features of the game.

Download Guild of Heroes MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

Use the download link to get your Guild of Heroes MOD APK with unlimited Diamonds and money. Download today and enjoy the amazing RPG gameplay.

Download Guild of Heroes MOD APK

How to install Guild of Heroes MOD APK?

Follow the below step-by-step guide to download and install the Guild of Heroes MOD APK on your device.

Use the authentic source then download the verified Guild of Heroes MOD APK file. The above-given link will take you to the download page. Click the download button and get the apk file downloaded on your device.Go to your device setting and search for the unknown device access. Enable access to the third-party application. The setting permits the apk file to get installed without any restriction.Click the apk file and start the installation process. When you click the apk file, one message will appear on your screen asking for permission. Grant the permission and proceed ahead.Do not turn off the screen or hit the back button while the installation is in progress. It will take few minutes to get the file installed on your device.Once the file is successfully installed, you will have the Game icon on your home screen. Now you are ready to play the game.


Guild of Heroes MOD APK gives you the advantage to proceed in the game with ease. With unlimited diamonds, rewards points, weapons, and character-building gears would make you the top heroes in the game. Download the Guild of Heroes MOD APK file today and enjoy the gameplay.

Guild of Heroes MOD APK v1.121.2 (High Damage/Free Diamond) Updated October 2021

Guild of Heroes Magic RPG Wizard game Logo

What is Guild of Heroes MOD APK? The Guild of heroes is the famous Nordic Myths and Renowned Fold tales story. You might have heard the fairy tale story in your childhood. Evil forces and the crafty goblins hurting innocent people.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game

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