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GT4T 8.19.21 Build 1033 (Demo)

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Translate any text inside an editor on the spot through a comfortable hotkey command, customize search and translation engines, and more

You can find nearly anything you need over the web, with a general tendency for sources to upload content in English. In case you’re not up to terms with English or find info in another language you’re having a difficult time understanding, then GT4T is an application which can instantly provide the right translation.

Choose translation engines and language pair

One of the first things you need to know is that the application requires Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime, so you might want to take the time to deploy it on your computer. The first time the application launches you’re greeted by a series of pop-up windows which cleverly explain the necessary steps to configure the program and properly use it.

The application spends most of its time in the tray area, and even translation is done on the spot, without additional windows crowding your desktop. Translation is triggered through neat hotkey commands you can view, reset, and modify in a dedicated window. If you notice hotkeys failing to trigger translation, try running the program with administrator privileges or changing the hotkeys.

Another requirement is to make sure your Internet connection is active during translation, because the application relies on the Google Translate Neural (NMT) engine to retrieve results. This isn’t the only supported engine though, with the possibility to switch to Microsoft Translator, Youdao, MyMemory.translated.net, and Google Translate Phrase Based (PBMT) engine.

Customize hotkey commands and search engines used

The application also contains a glossary for quick translations which don’t use an Internet connection. It comes with several ones by default, with the possibility to edit them for your convenience.

It uses Bing and Google as its default search engines for regular terms and requests. On the bright side of things, you have the possibility to add custom search engines to the operation, with neat instructions provided for how to make them work here.

There are several modes to translate your text. The application doesn’t really integrate into any particular programs, but offers general translation. It works in most text editors, including Microsoft Word. There’s the possibility to translate entire paragraphs on the spot, wor have pop-up window brought up with suggestions first.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that GT4T is a powerful translation tool which can be used with nearly any piece of text inside an editor. It’s quite comfortable overall, comes with an impressive variety of translation engines, as well as options to customize search and translation engines and glossary.

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