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Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG

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Updated on March 21, 2022

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG MOD APK is a tactical role-playing game of Outerdawn Limited. This dark and dramatic epic story will provide you with hours of unforgettable entertainment.

Introduce about Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG

A tactical role-playing game with an epic fantasy but no less cute and fun color!

The game combines different genres to deliver a variety of experiences that will never make you bored. And one of the sweetest combo games I’ve played is Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG.


The peaceful world of Terenos suddenly came to disaster. Primorva, an ancient ghost has awoken from the darkness and destroyed everything. Along with its evil minions, Primorva once again wants to engulf this world in eternal darkness.

A force of the world’s most powerful warriors was created with the participation of many talented heroes from all over the world. Their mission is to repel evil and darkness. Fight and become the greatest living legend of the whole world.

Collect hero cards, summon heroes

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG is a role-playing game, a gacha card-collecting game, and a turn-based strategy game.

This game is where you can meet many outstanding heroes who have majestic stature with extraordinary personalities and strength. By recruiting each of them with their unique system of skills, powers, and stats, you will form a powerful and invincible alliance to fight against the rise of darkness.

When fighting, the heroes are also continuously leveled up, increased in strength, and upgraded in weapon equipment. Then they become more and more perfect and get ready for increasingly tough battles.

Anytime, no matter how many heroes you have on your team, you can customize their order in the group to create a tactical battle rule. Each of them, with different strengths and skills, will play a specific role in the squad, including Attack, Tank, or Support. Putting them into battle with the right order will give you many advantages. A perfect team is not a team of all perfect members but a team that has the best alternate arrangement where each can support each other well. This is the point that shows the very good tactics of this game.

Tough boss fight amidst lots of traps

This is not an easy game to play. Boss battles are quite hard to win because there are not only strong, violent bosses but also a lot of equally fierce minions. Not to mention on the way you will also meet perverted heroes. They joined your ranks but are like those coming from evil minions. They can disturb the ranks and kill the soldiers in the back, making the situation difficult and unexpected.

Many unpredictable factors reflect the complexities born of human nature. That means you must always be ready in the most difficult situations.

Sometimes failure does not come from too strong enemies or bosses, but internal problems.

Top-notch Combat

Being designed well to every detail is an attractive feature of Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG. Characters, details, especially combat scenes are excellent. Although it is just a 2D platform in a lively and cheerful cartoon style, every detail is taken care of extremely thoughtfully.

You can see the special, clear, flexible movement of the characters. The melancholy combat moves take place on a table-based battlefield. Even details such as taking advantage of obstacles on the road to attack the enemy are shown very reasonably. And when all the heroes rush into the fast-paced turn-based combat, you can see how epic it is.

Captivating, fun details

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG is not as hard as the usual strategy games. It has a plot, a progression, a unique character, and lots of funny dialogue patterns. Each player gets to interact with their favorite warriors and get to know their personalities through these chats. I don’t know about you, but I especially like this type of development. I feel like I’m their leader, an important part of the story and I can see everything from start to finish.

City construction

To make the fun never stop, Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG also features City Builder. In your territory, you can collect many resources, manage them most reasonably. This is also a place for you to recruit heroes, train and strengthen them. At the same time, the territory is the last stronghold of humanity to stand against this long war.

MOD APK version of Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


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Download Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG APK & MOD for Android

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG supports playing Idle mode, so you don’t have to stress. Relax a little, experience the beauty in each situation of this game. The game is dramatic but sometimes very leisurely and concentrates on many genres in a reasonable, eye-catching way. Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG is indeed a mobile game not to be missed. 

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