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Grand Summoners

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December 30, 2021 (5 mins ago)
Grand Summoners
God Mode, Damage Multiple
Android 4.4

Download and explore the fantasy universe in Grand Summoners APK.

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Introduce about Grand Summoners

Anime is a popular topic. And it is exploited in many aspects, including movies, comics and mobile games. One of the most popular games from Anime that I can mention as Brave Frontier, Sword Art Online, or Gacha Life. They have a long history of development, but if you are looking for something new, you can check out Grand Summoners, the game I will introduce in this article. If you love the JRPG genre with Anime themes and fantasy stories, you should not ignore it.


This game begins with the dream of a young hero. It brings a sense of despair when the peace of people for centuries standing on the edge of being broken. Demon Seal, the evil lord has come to Earth. He is waking up his army to destroy this place. Raktehelm is the first target. The heroes of the kingdom are planning to prevent this threat before it spreads. You are a shining jewel in the dark swamp, with the noble mission of protecting people and inherent peace. Take your sword and start the journey to save the kingdom.


Grand Summoners has turn-base gameplay, which is quite simple. In it, you will control the characters in your team one by one, choosing skills to deal damage to the enemy squad. The battle ends when one of the forces is completely annihilated. If you win, you and your teammates will gain experience to level up.

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Along with the plot, new lands, characters, stories of their lives and challenges will gradually unfold. You will have to face all this. Sometimes, you have a bit of a difficult feeling, but if you can overcome it, you will see the battles that you have overcome are meaning, seeing the joy and peace of people that you risk your life to protect.

There are two rounds in Grand Summoners. The first round consists of three elements includes Fire, Earth and Water. These elemental characters will counter each other by the rule, Fire is stronger than Earth, Earth is stronger than Water and Water is stronger than Fire. The second round includes Dark, Light and None, which has the same rules as above. Therefore, when going to the battlefield, you not only have to pay attention to the skills but also have to use the appropriate characters to counter the enemies.


There are many characters in this game. Each of them has a separate destiny and story. You can recruit them into the squad, take them to the battlefield to fight together and listen to them to understand them more deeply.

On the other hand, they have special abilities and the effectiveness level will show through Rank. Most, when getting new characters, most of them have a Rank of two to three stars. But you can upgrade to enhance their power.


Single-players are the default game mode, in which you control the squad during battles throughout the story. However, if sometimes you feel a bit lonely and bored when faced with monsters on your own, play with friends in co-op mode. It allows creating a squad of up to four members. If there are not enough friends, the system will automatically match with other online players in the same system.

While Co-op has a similar concept and approach to Multiplayers, it supports both real-time battles with real players and story battles. So understandable, Co-op is the highlight to make Grand Summoners stand out from other games in the same genre, and is a reason for you to download it to experience.


Grand Summoners built the 2D graphics platform with beautiful color effects. When you use the skills, the character will create beautiful circles of fire or lightning. This effect makes the player feel more interesting and shows that the battle is very fierce.

As for the design, the characters are drawn in great detail, from the shape to the clothes of a warrior. Although they are all still images simulated, the eyes and emotions shown on their faces did not show it. In terms of context (including the foreground and background), it looks quite nice and varied, from desolate forests to caves and dungeons of monsters.

Download Grand Summoners APK for Android

Grand Summoners has many challenges for you. Innocent people are waiting to be rescued from the tribulation. Let download this game and join the fight to regain peace for the kingdom!

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