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GPAC 1.0.1 rev 0 / 1.1.0 rev1412 DEV (LGPLv2)

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Multimedia framework for developing open-source media compatible with common video containers and complex formats, including 360 videos

What's new in GPAC 1.0.1 rev 0:

Better ttml import Better support for MPEGH audio Support fur DASH UTCTiming Manifest generation from pre-fragmented DASH/HLS mp4

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Mostly aimed at students and content creators, GPAC represents a cross-platform multimedia framework that developers can use to produce open-source media under the LGPL license. It's compatible with a wide range of popular filetypes, from common formats (like AVI, MPEG and MOV) to complex ones (such as MPEG-4 Systems or VRML/X3D) and 360 movies.

Some key features of this framework are support for local playback, adaptive HTTP streaming (MPEG-DASH, HLS), TCP and TS demuxing (from file or DVB4Linux), as well as local progressive download.

Besides the GPAC core, the complete package includes a GPAC plugins: MPEG-4 BIFs (scene decoder), MPEG-4 ODF (object descriptor decoder), MPEG-4 LASeR (scene decoder), MPEG-4 SAF demultiplexer, textual MPEG-4 loader (support for uncompressed MPEG-4 BT and XMT, VRML and X3D textual formats), image package (support for PNG, JPEG, BMP, JPEG2000), and others.

It can also set up the GPAC player, MP4Box command-line multimedia packager that can perform various media-related operations, MP4TS for MPEG-2 TS multiplexing, DashCast offline and MPEG-DASH encoder, GPAC SDK with the libraries and headers required for developing GPAC-based modules, GPAX (playback support with ActiveX), MP4Client (also known as Osmo4, a GPAC command-line player and AVI dumper), and Windows runtime libraries. Any of these components can be excluded from installation.

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