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GoPro Quik
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GoPro Quik APK will be an effective video editing app for those of you who are interested in video editing or are preparing to embark on a career in professional video making.

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Introduce about GoPro Quik

Quick, quality video editing and many surprises features!

Edit videos quickly and effectively right on mobile

The sharing on social networks is now not only encapsulated in the images, links, and content you write but also in beautiful and quality videos. But creating such a video is not easy. In the past, you had to do on the computer, download copyrighted software, learn how to work with it, and then practice applying it step-by-step. Even the rendering process is a time- and memory-intensive part of the computer. There are too many roadblocks on the way to getting quality videos.

But now with a dedicated video editing app like GoPro Quik, things are different.

No need to use the computer, install a lot of software and then follow a series of complicated operations, GoPro Quik can do it all in your phone you use every day, and lets you do a lot for your videos, in an unbelievably professional way.

A lot of video editing effects are available

These composite effects in GoPro Quik will help you shorten a lot of editing time, consider details to create harmony in the overall video clip. Just upload the video you have on your device to the app or use the camera included in the app to record a clip. Then use one of the more than 20 built-in Video Styles to edit. Each of these styles is itself a combination of many transition effects, rotation effects, rainbows, and light trails designed as templates. Just apply to the clip and you’ll have a finished product right away without having to go through step-by-step editing.

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In my opinion, this is a breakthrough feature compared to the video editing applications I have ever known and used. It helps users at any level to access quickly, no longer be tired of complexity, nor have to think what should start first. You just need to upload the clip to the app and choose the style you like, the rest just let GoPro Quik do.

Adding text, photos, and music to the video

Once you have the colors and effects you want, you can move on to more personal edits like adding images, combining multiple videos into one, adding music, adding subtitle text, adding stickers to some special segments. The Insert feature in GoPro Quik along with the available text, photo, and music customization tools will help you do this quickly. Moreover, the entire music store on GoPro Quik is copyrighted and you are completely free to use.

Edit the video before exporting

At this step, your clip is almost complete. The next thing is just to trim it neatly before exporting the file. At this fairly simple stage, GoPro Quik provides a set of video editing tools from basic to advanced including cutting, merging, dubbing, adding effects, adding filters, inserting stickers, converting voice in the video, changing the input-output volume, adjusting the video speed… Now if you want to manually intervene in every little detail in the video, you just need to use the corresponding tool and adjust what is available.

Crop high-quality image from video

GoPro Quik has another feature that is also quite great: Capture from the video. The best images taken from the video will be saved with the full resolution as the original image in the video. This image can then be saved on the device or shared via social networks. This feature sounds simple, but there are many situations that it’s very useful. For example, you have completely edited your video with effects, and then you need to cut out an image to make a teaser that makes people curious about the upcoming video. An image with all the same effects as in the video will make your teaser activities more uniform and more effective.

Flashbacks 24H feature

In GoPro Quik, there is also an interesting feature, for those of you who are busy but still want to have a quiet minute to look back on your daily activities. GoPro Quik’s 24H Flashbacks feature will help you automatically replay the moments/images saved within the last 24 hours. The joy of the day and unexpected moments will be replayed, evoking the ups and downs of the day.

Once you’ve finished your video creation, you can quickly save the high-quality video to your device. There are many quality options from 480p, 720p to 1080p, then you can click Share to share on major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube.

Download GoPro Quik APK for Android

Whenever you need to shoot and edit videos quickly, professionally, right on your mobile, download GoPro Quik to use. This amazing app is less space-consuming, has a fast operation, is easy to understand, minimalist interface, and video editing is not inferior to editing on the computer.

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