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Goose Goose Duck

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November 20, 2021 (21 seconds ago)
Goose Goose Duck
Gaggle Studios
Android 4.4

Goose Goose Duck APK is a fun game released for free on Windows and Android platforms. The game was released on April 29 and is likened to an upgraded version of Among Us, much more funny and attractive.

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Introduce about Goose Goose Duck

Among Us is a game that was released in June 2018, but it was voted the best game of 2020. Loved by hundreds of millions of global players, including many famous Streamers and Youtubers. Positive reviews about the game have made an impact, making the game become a phenomenon in the internet community. In addition, Among Us has attracted a lot of players from Twitter, Reddit when a thousand of memes about this game after many KOLs like Shroud, PewDiePie, Pokimane… played.

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And in this article we will mention a game similar to Among Us and gradually becoming famous, the game is called Goose Goose Duck. Crew and impostors will be replaced with geese and ducks. Although it has a lot in common compared to Among Us, this game is attracting a lot of players thanks to its extremely humorous graphics.


Coming to Goose Goose Duck, you join the goose or duck faction. A room has a maximum of 15 players, you can invite friends to private rooms or find community rooms to join. The task of the goose faction is to repair the ship and survive or vote to eliminate all the imposters (duck). The duck faction is responsible for mixing, killing all the geese and preventing them from repairing the ship. Ducks have special skills such as hiding, disguising for convenience in destroying the geese faction. The game is only really over when one of the sides is completely eliminated.

Special role

This is what makes Goose Goose Duck an upgraded version of Among Us when the developer has created special roles for both sides:

  • Assassin Duck: If you correctly guess the role of someone in the meeting, you will destroy them. Otherwise, if you guess wrong, you will die.
  • Birdwatcher Goose: Can see through walls but has limited normal vision.
  • Canadian Goose: If someone kills you, they will automatically report your body.
  • Cannibal Duck: You can eat a corpse once in each game to hide it.
  • Detective Goose: You can investigate a player once per game to see if they’ve killed anyone.
  • Dodo: You win if other players vote for you, so try to act suspicious.
  • Falcon: Always automatically skip the vote. You win by being the last one alive and can only lose when the Ducks destroy, or the Goose completes all missions if you are still alive.
  • Gravy Goose: The bonus will increase when you complete the mission. Otherwise, your killer will get that money.
  • Lover Goose/Duck: If you and your lover are the last people alive, both win.
  • Mechanic Goose: Can use vents.
  • Medium Goose: You can see ghosts present at any time.
  • Mimic Goose: Ducks look at geese like their own kind.
  • Morphling Duck: Ducks disguise themselves as other characters.
  • Pigeon: Infecting every player before the meeting, you become the winner.
  • Professional Duck: You can’t report dead bodies, geese can’t see you killing people. When approaching the corpse, this duck will automatically report.
  • Sherrif Goose: You can kill anyone, but if you kill a goose, you die.
  • Silencer Duck: You can mute other players in the meeting.
  • Snoop Goose: Can hide in every nook and cranny.
  • Spy Duck: If you’re the only person voting to disqualify someone in a meeting, you’ll know their role.
  • Technician Goose: It is almost possible to detect the location of a imposters.
  • Vigilante Goose: It is possible to kill a player without consequences.
  • Vulture: Your only goal is to eat the carcass of a dead goose.


In addition to your character’s unique appearance, you can wear skins obtained from quests or events. These costumes allow you to turn your character into a more unique and fun character. In addition, you can also recharge to buy skins sold in the shop.

Goose Goose Duck on APKMODY 1440x810


Currently, the game has 4 maps including SS Mothergoose, Blackswan, Nexus Colony and Malland Manor. Each map is individually designed in terms of theme, layout and tasks. In addition, you can also take advantage of many things on the map to help you escape or chase faster.


Goose Goose Duck owns 4 different game modes including Classic, basic mode with default game rules.

In Classic + mode you can edit some rules and all special roles can be selected.

Goose Goose Duck APK download 1440x810

Goosehunt is like a game of chase, a duck will try to kill all the geese within the time allowed and, of course, you cannot vote to remove the duck from the ship.

Duck and Dash, this is a duck mode that can disguise and kill geese before time runs out.

In addition, the developer also added a new mode on Halloween that is Trick or Treat mode. The geese turn into civilians, the ducks turn into vampires. The bitten civilians will turn into a madman and go to destroy the rest.


Although the game only has 2D graphics, it is very attractive to players by the funny images of geese and ducks. The kill scene is a lot more creative than Among Us and minimizes a lot of the violence and horror elements. Therefore, this game can reach more ages. Animation when moving, doing tasks is also very funny, the voting meeting is designed to be simple but very attractive and attractive.

Download Goose Goose Duck APK for Android

Goose Goose Duck is a very interesting and fun game. Make sure that when participating in the game, you will have moments of relaxation and entertainment with your friends. Join now and have a more realistic experience of this game.

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