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Google Apps Manager 6.10 (Apache License 2.0)

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Take control of Google Apps on your domain to manage existing accounts, create new ones, handle print, and other classroom tasks, and more with this set of tools

What's new in Google Apps Manager 6.10:

Fix google-auth issue resulting in "token used to early" errors (Ross/Jay) Fix CSV escapechar errors introduced with move to Python 3.10.0 Various other fixes and improvement

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Over the years, Google managed to become an Internet industry giant, being a popular source, and destination for various types of activities. One type in particular is dedicated to education, offering a set of productivity, and classroom collaboration tools. To manage them, you might need to use applications like Google Apps Manager.

Runs in a command line interface

First of all, the application might not be what you expect in terms of visuals, putting all of its features at your disposal in a command line interface. This, however, means you can also take it around on a USB flash drive to use on other computers as well, without having to worry that the target PC’s health status gets affected in any way.

The application’s core target is the Google Apps Education suite, so you need to make sure it’s on your computer for the program to be of any use. In the fortunate event that it is, you’re offered the possibility to start managing your entire domain, POP connections, as well as groups, or individual users.

Manage users, review domain details, and more

Among other areas, the application allows you to handle existing users, but also create new ones. You’re able to update user info, set custom schema fields, assign to one or more groups, handle email account details, or perform different actions for device-oriented accounts.

In fact, you’re able to manipulate nearly all types of services Google provides, given they’re tied to the set of existing apps. CloudPrint makes it easy to assign, and share printers, with the possibility to set page quota, or create reports.

With dedicated syntax commands, it gets easy to handle domain controls. You can obtain details like number of existing users, MX verification, creation type, and more. This way, there’s also the possibility to handle administrator actions, assign secondary email addresses, enabling, or disabling user mail migrations, or updating the logo.

On an ending note

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Google Apps Manager puts a wide variety of management tools at your disposal, with which to handle all Google Apps on your domain. Some time needs to be spent going through documentation to get syntax usage right, but when it’s done, you’re free to change, or update domain, user, and other service-related details.

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